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NTM Sawhorses Pair


These Storehorse Sawhorses are perhaps the most innovative sawhorses on the market. These Sawhorses can fold and store in just two inches of space! Heavy Duty folding sawhorse. 1,000 lb. capacity/set. Sawbucks included grip a 2 x 4 so you cut the work not the sawhorse. Holds dowels. Non-slip feet. 27.5" x 2.375" x 31", 70 x 6 x 79 cm. Warning not intended for use as scaffold.

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quality light weight sawhorses


I grew tired of cutting 2x4s on a wooden bench so I purchased NTM Sawhorses. Because these horse are made of plastic I didn't expect them to be able to handle a heavy workload, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that caught my attention is that these sawhorses are extremely sturdy despite weighing only 15 lbs. They didn't bend, sway, and or slide when I was using a hand saw to cut some lumbar while leaning on them. The 2x4 holder allows me to cut through a piece of wood without worrying about sawing through the sawhorse. The legs of the sawhorse have great traction and performed well on concrete and grass. One of the best features about these sawhorses is that they take up very little space when completely folded up. I also found that the shelf under the 2x4 holder is a nice little place to hold small light items, but I wouldn't recommend anything heavier than a circular saw because it is on the flimsy side. I would definitely recommend NTM Sawhorses because they great for cutting wood, takes up very minimum space, and affordable.

Westchester, IL


A nice set of versatile sawhorses


Unfortunately the wooden sawhorses that I used for years that my dad gave me started to deteriorate. They were left out in the weather a few times and the wood was starting to rot and the legs no longer sat evenly. I was looking around at the different plastic varieties of sawhorses and decided these NTM Sawhorses were worthy of trying. They have many positive features. They are light weight but still have enormous weight bearing ability. It says they can hold up to a 1000 pounds but there is no way I will ever have a need to test that out. They have nice grippers so that wood or other material you are working with is not sliding all around. This is nice when you are using a circular saw or cutting wood. They are easy to fold/unfold and set up. They do not take up much space while in storage and are easily transportable. The plastic is a lot more sturdier and durable than many plastic sawhorse sets I've looked at. I feel they were worth the money considering they will last for years and will be used for many tasks. I have already used them to stain two doors, make a table for a garage sale, cut wood for various projects and to wash and dry heavy rugs outside.



Only Lightweight Sawhorse I Would Use.


These are the best set of plastic sawhorses you can purchase. I haven't had luck finding a good pair of retractable sawhorses as the last few sets I've purchased have been worthless. I decided not to buy another set, and then these were purchased for me by my boss. I have to say these have worked out rather well and are relatively sturdy for being made of plastic. There is very little assembly to them, and I was able to get these together in less than ten minutes. These are supposed to be able to handle up to a thousand pounds, but I haven't checked to see if they can. I did test these with a very thick piece of plywood, my coworker and I got on top of that so I know they can handle around 400 pounds. The best features these have, and one I put to use frequently is each one is able to grip a 2X4, so you can cut it hands free. It makes it nice because I don't have to drag out and carry both sawhorses when I'm working with smaller wood. These are easy to set up and fold up after every use and are made much sturdier than other plastic sawhorses. I like the fact that I'm not always knocking them over every time I walk by like other sets I've owned. If you hate plastic sawhorses you need to try these, you will change your mind after using them for one day, I guarantee it.



NTM Sawhorses Pair

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