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NST Nine Stars Touchless Trashcan
NST Nine Stars Touchless Trashcan Infrared Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Lid Open Trash Can

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Great trashcan...until it stopped working


We have had this trashcan for a few years or more. It's great, it just senses your hands over it and will open and then close by itself shortly after. There are manual open and close buttons on the top and about a year ago, the buttons got worn and the plastic broke and cracked so crumbs would get stuck in there. We would just clean it out and put tape over it and it would work again. Then eventually, it stopped sensing anything no matter what we did or fixed or cleaned and then eventually after that the buttons didn't even work any more. It's frustrating because we take good care of our things and in this case, it didn't matter. We still use it (we just have to pry the door open and shut it every time we want to throw something away-we've gotten used to it). It was a great trashcan while it lasted, just a warning that it may stop working sooner than you want it to.


Chandler, AZ


Pretty cool trashcan


We were given this trashcan for Christmas a couple years ago, and it still works well, and is totally convenient. It's great not to have to touch the nasty trashcan lid when throwing things away! People are always impressed by it too when we have them over ;)  It is a little finicky, in that the battery compartments don't always stay intact....you have to make sure that  the caps are secured on to the batteries, otherwise, they will fall out, or just won't work because it's not in there well enough. The inside of the lid is also a little difficult to keep clean...sometimes dust and other particles get in the gear, and the lid will work funny. Just make sure to keep your trash below the top of the lid if possible....it's pretty gross when stuff gets inside the springs,and gear, and it just looks nasty. Eeeew! It is really great though that I can have my little girl throw away trash for me, and I know her little hands aren't getting dirty :)


Millville, CA


NST Nine Stars Touchless Trashcan Infrared Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Lid Open Trash Can

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