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NOLLIE Nollie Live! 0.5 Oz Perfume

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Nollie is my absolute favorite scent!


I have tried a lot of perfumes, and I mean a LOT. I'm always switched every week or so to find a scent that has the qualities I am looking for. I want a perfume that when I walk by someone, they think WOW! That smells great! I have always smelled others' perfume and thought that myself but have never found the one perfume that gets compliments on smelling so great. The first time I smelled Nollie, I knew I had to have a bottle. The fragrance is amazing, it lasts all day, and everyone compliments on how nice it smells. I will be a lifelong fan of this scent.


Pikeville, KY


Live a little - use nollie, fragrance for girls!


I am a huge fan of perfume, I always have been. When I was younger I used to open every bottle of perfume in the supermarket and smell them all. I can not pass by a display of perfumes without smelling them. I love smelling good, I love finding new fragrances, one of my favorites is Nollie Live! I love all of the nollie perfumes, and the colorful boxes, but Live! is my favorite one, regardless of the pink box. I got my first nollie perfume Christmas of 2007 from my sister, I absolutely loved it. She got it from Pac-Sun, now every single time I go past that store, I check out the fragrance section. I've tried every nollie perfume, and I love them all, but Live! is beyond average. It smells incredible, it gets peoples attention when I walk by. Live! comes in a small circular container, inside a pink box. Each time I use it, I make sure I use it sparingly, I love it so much and I want it to last as long as possible. I definitely recommend this product to every girl looking for an amazing fragrance.


Cohoes, NY


NOLLIE Nollie Live! 0.5 Oz Perfume

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