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NJ Manufacturer

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It is cheapest, but the WORST


NJM is the worst insurance company I know. They are the cheapest, no doubt about that, but they are not doing what they should, as a insurance company, to protect you against your loss. I have a couple auto claims and 1 pending home ins claim with them. For auto claims, they dealed with things professionaly, as long as they were not paying a peny. They evaluate your damage, and deduct every single scratch on your car as "prior damage", and make your car worthless. For the pending home ins claim, the case was pending for 2.5 months, and I haven't received the payment yet. Fortunately i have some savings, so I don't have to live under a damaged roof. I called them every week, I can't believe that the adjustor doesn't even answer or return my calls! I wiil surely use another company after this and am willing to pay more.

Franklin Park, NJ


NJM are the cheapest and greatest insurance co in the world!


Not only is NJM Insurance Co. good for auto insurance; their homeowners insurance is top notch.  We had a house fire April 2007 they were in our house the next morning to assess the damage, put us in a hotel suite immediately- that evening with 3 children,  took care of our animals as well because we couldn't bring them to this particular hotel that was suitable to us and 3 kids that had to go to school every day.  We were lucky and had a suite 1 mile from their schools  and our expense checks started to roll in within a week.  With  very kind and sincere workers thru a devastating tragedy;  they comforted us very well there was no reason to cry with them behind us 100% to get the job done with great workers to restore our  home  and our lives back to normal within a few months.   It was very comforting to have them.  I hope we never lose them.  They are the ultimate in claims whether it is auto or homeowners insurance.

Edison, NJ


Awesome if you qualify


NJM is the best insurance company ever.  They do make it difficult to qualify as you have to have a good drivinig record.  You usually have to qualify through your job or some other inistitution.  Once you have it you never want to go elsewhere.  The premiums are very reasonable and fair.  In fact, they are required to payout the profits at the end of the year through an annual dividend..this is between 10-20 percent of my cost for automobile insurance.  Unfortunately, I have had to use them for a couple of accidents (none of which were my fault) and they have provided stellar service.  I had a rental car and an appointment for my car at a body shop almost immediately.  There was no chasing them down for anything, they were right on top of it and let me get over the accident while they did all of the work.  I get offers from other companies all of the time but don't even look at them...NJM is the best!!!

Morris Plains, NJ


NJ Manufacturer

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