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NIVEA Men Original Protective Lotion SPF 15

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Best lotion I've used!


I have an allergy to soap so if my hands break open, I almost always develop a bad allergy rash on my hands due to the hand soap I use. I had been searching for some really good lotion that would moisturize my hands and keep them that way. I bought this product at our supermarket because I saw "MAXIMUM HYDRATION" on the label. It was not until I got home that I realized that it was intended for men (I am a woman) but it is still nonetheless one of the best lotions I have ever used. The scent is more neutral and "manly" than I would prefer but it is still wonderful. I do wish that the MAXIMUM HYDRATION version would come in more scents, but until then I will continue to buy the version intended for men. I use it about once a day and it has revolutionized my skin. I would easily recommend this to any one with dry or inflamed hands. It has worked wonderfully for me! I will buy this lotion from now on whenever I need lotion.



This stuff is it for Men....if you can find it


I love this stuff. For men, it's so simple, small enough quantity to travel with, and doesn't burn, sting, cool, smell, or break the bank. though, also as a man,i think its over priced. Biggest complaint. Being able to find it consistently. I just can't find it when I need it it seems. Which is frustrating, and driving me to other products....whether I like them or not. This stuff doesn't make you feel greasy, doesn't smell, doesn't "cool', and doesn't do much else....except what it is supposed to do. moisturize your face and not give you any zits. Buy it. Buy it now, and enjoy it. It travels well, it works well, gives good UV protection (though I live in AZ and if you are going to nbe out all day, refresh, or use other skin protection specific products). I even like the durable packaging. I drop it, over pack it, take it to hot temperatures and high altitudes, and it has yet to leak, explode, turn to liquid, or freeze. It just works. My biggest complaint is that it's hard to find, and is rarely on sale when you do find it. So, as a cheap man, I tend to buy other things on sale that I just don't like as well, and I get frustrated, always searching out, and eventually buying, this product as again.

Surprise, AZ


NIVEA Men Original Protective Lotion SPF 15

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