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Myogenix Joint Tissue Repair 360 Capsules

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Help Ease Chronic Joint Pain Without Prescription Medications


When I lost my left leg I went through a period of severe depression and basically decided that there were too many things that I couldn't do because I only had one leg. Before that I went to the gym every day to lift weights, run on the treadmill and take different classes. When I saw that I was gaining a little bit of weight from being inactive I had to figure out what I could do at home, safely, before I got fitted for a prosthetic leg and learned how to walk again. When I got back into the swing of things and started working out more and more I started getting deep joint pain. It was more than an ache or the usual soreness that comes with weight lifting. When I started asking about over the counter supplements that I could take to help with the pain as well as a way to improve my joint health someone suggested Myogenix Joint Tissue Repair. I started taking it and within ten days I felt less pain, my range of motion in my arms and shoulders improved and the occasional clicking I would hear in my hip was gone. I am not going to say that this is a miracle supplement but it has worked for me. There are some things that you need to know about this before you take it; it contains shellfish and if you have a shellfish allergy you need to avoid taking this or handling it. The suggested dose is four capsules a day; I started with that but now I only take one a day as a maintenance dose. When the summer rolls around and I am more active outside I will start with a 2-1-2 dose; two one day, one the next day, two the day after that. I get the larger bottles to get the best price; it comes out to .43 cents a capsule but if you are taking four a day to start with you can go through one of the regular sized bottles pretty quick so if you try this and see results you are better off buying the largest size to get the best price. I don't get any type of reflux from the capsules and they are easy to swallow. I wish they were easier to find in local stores; there is only one supplement store in my area that sells this and it's about 30 miles from where I live but after seeing what this can do for my joints, it's worth the drive to get it when I am running low.



Myogenix Joint Tissue Repair 360 Capsules

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