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Mylicon Infants' Gas Relief Drops, Dye Free

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Life Saver


This product is the only one I would use on my child whenever she would have gas issues.  It always worked great.  I always preferred the dye free kind.  It's less likely to stain if you get it on their clothes.  I even used it on my nephew when he was three years old and it worked great for him.  Took his tummy troubles away immediately.

Brooksville, FL


Mylicon = sanity


Mylicon is great!!  My pediatrician recommended this with my now eight year old and I keep it on hand - four kids later.  It does not harm them , even if you give too much.  The best kind is the dye free b/c inevitably, using the pink one, it will spill on something.  I didn't know that a lot of the crying could be gas, especially when I thought I was burping the child.  Sometimes even breastfed babies have gas, even after burping them.  Mylicon works on all that and doesn't harm them. 

Fort Huachuca, AZ


Couldn't live without!!!


Let me tell you, this works like a charm! If "Gas" is your childs problem than these are the gas drops for your child. My baby had many troubles with his tummy his first month. I was breast feeding and bottle feeding so I knew this would sometimes takes it's toll on his tummy. Well once I was told about these gas drops I gave them to my son and WOW what a  difference. Less crying, more interaction and better sleep. I talked to the doctor about it and he said that these drops are the only thing he recommends. It's safe and it works!

Bradenton, FL


Thank heavens for Mylicon!


Mylicon helped us to sleep better at night!  We didn't need it every feeding, but once or twice a day.  It helped when he couldn't get the bubbles out, and they were bothering him!  It broke them down smaller, so he could pass them out of either end!  He became a happier baby!

Charlotte, NC


Didn't work for my Son


My second son was having a lot of tummy issues for the first two-three weeks.  We finally heard about this product so of course I ran right out and purchased it.  Gave it a try and nothing..... ok, maybe  it takes a little while.... we used it for 3 days and still nothing so we gave up and basically threw that money out the window.

Barrington, NJ


Mylicon Gas drops


Mylicon Gas drops work well My first child needed to have them every bottle but that was alright because I did nit have a screaming baby with gas pain. Now my second child i had to give her Mylicon Gas drops and karo surup, prune juice every day she will be ok for a few days then we are back to square one. I hate to see her in all that pain.We all know how that is to have gass pains

Buffalo, NY


Best gas relief drops


hi, i specailly like this product because * it gives me the flexibility to eat what i want* gives instant relief to the baby* is very safe even for infants and newborns* is stain free* works very fast* works even on fussiness that you cannot put your finger on

Ronkonkoma, NY


These are AMAZING for troubled little tummies!!!


These gas drops are amazing. Just give baby a dropper full when their tummy hurts, and this helps them pass their gas. They sleep better and feel better. My DR told me you cannot give them too many. If they need them every hour or so, give them some. My kids lived on these for several months. They were preemies and on Enfamil Nutramigen formula, and this helped settle them down.

Farmington, NM


Works like a charm every time!


I love this product! I don't like giving medicine to my kids...specially the ones with a lot of EXTRA stuff that babies DON'T NEED!!!  For that reason I like this stuff...and not to mantioned that I think this works very baby loves the taste of it too so he takes it without crying and getting even more upset!  I do recommend this product!

West Jordan, UT


an 'OK' product


I used this product when my son was about 2 months old and I had switched formula. He wasn't pooping with the other formula (powder form) so i switched him to the liquid. He developed painful gas because of the switch. He was crabby and would pass gas all day. So I thought I would try this product. It helped for a little while, but then didn't seem to help anymore. I recommend this for short time use (a few days).

Fort Stewart, GA


Mylicon Infants' Gas Relief Drops, Dye Free

4.4 74