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Myer's Original Dark Rum

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A perfectly good, smooth, all purpose dark rum


As I mentioned in other reviews, I'm a regular rum drinker. Meyer's, in my opinion, is an excellent choice for a good, all-purpose dark rum. Its flavor is very smooth and earthy, and it doesn't have that "bite" that other popular "spiced rums" have. It mixes very well in cocktails, and has a very smooth, classic taste when sipped straight.




fantastic rum


I hzve been drinking Myers rum for years.  There is no other rum like it (trust me....I have tried most of them).  Mixes great with fruit juice to make drinks like hurricanes, mai tais, and things of this nature.  Although it costws more than most rums, I feel that it is worth every penny.


Windham, NH


Jamaican Rum to Soothe the Soul


  **Myers's Dark Rum** is a product of the nation of Jamaica and has been produced since 1879. Often added to tropical drinks, this rum is a popular choice at tourist destinations and in restaurants and bars that feature a tropical theme. **Rum Commentary:** This rum is medium brown in color with good clarity and an aroma that reminds me of caramelized sugar, alcohol, and hints of woodiness. The product pours smoothly and leaves just a thin layer of lace on the sides of your glass as you drink. Distilled using the age- old pot still method, this rum is made from sugar cane, fermented naturally, and then aged in oak barrels. This time- consuming process produces rum that is dark and rich, with the tastes of molasses, caramel, sugar, and a slight amount of burntness. The alcohol content by volume is forty percent (80 proof). Myers's Original Dark Rum is the best- selling imported dark rum in the United States. This rum can often be found in fine restaurants and in well- stocked bars across the land. It is especially popular in tropical drinks. Throughout the Caribbean and in other warm- weather destinations, bottles of Myers's dark rum are commonplace. This rum is often specifically requested by devotees to the brand who wouldn't even consider anything else in their favorite rum beverage. Myers's dark rum is richer than lighter rums and similar to most other dark rums except for one area: the finish. Even though this product is equal in alcoholic strength to other brands of dark rum, it doesn't have quite the harshness in the finish that is so commonplace in other dark rum. If you ever try a sip of this product straight from the bottle, you will understand what I'm talking about. The sweetness is there, and there is, of course, a dry woody character in the finish. But this product doesn't have the rush of alcohol in the finish that often produces coughing and can trigger one's gag reflex. It manages to remain smooth. In spite of the smoothness, this rum still packs a good amount of clout in the taste department. I prefer Myers's dark rum to most light rums in the majority of drinks, tropical and otherwise (with a few exceptions). I really enjoy the woodiness and the molasses- like and caramelized sugar taste that this rum imparts on whatever it is mixed with. Mixed with a glass of cola, this flavor makes almost the perfect companion to the taste of this common soft drink.  **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Overall, Myers's Original Dark Rum is a very good product that livens up most any mixed drink calling for rum as an ingredient. I'm not quite as crazy about this product as some of the Myers's rum groupies out there, but I can still agree that this product is better than the average dark rum and worth the extra cost for an occasional alcoholic beverage treat. The slow distilled process, the natural fermentation, and the aging in oak barrels make this rum one worth seeking out.


Houston, TX


Not as good as advertised.


I tried Myers Original Dark for the first time after polishing off a bottle of Gosling's Black Seal and enjoying it thoroghly.  When I find a type of food or drink I enjoy, I like to try other variations of it, and the most highly recommended dark rum was Myers Original Dark. When I came home with the bottle, I was, as Borat would say, very excite. I was, as you can imagine, sorely disappointed.  The rum smelled like bad tequila mixed with cheap brandy, and the taste was barely better (although superior to the awful smell).  Overall I would have expected a taste like this from a much cheaper product.  The bite of the alcohol was pleasant, but overpowering at first.  The aftertaste is actually the best part of this drink, and the only time you can really taste the molasses coming through. I'd like to hope that I simply got a bad bottle, but based on this one experience I can't say that I would ever be keen to waste my hard-earned money on another drop of this swill.


Georgetown, TX


Myer's Original Dark Rum

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