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Flea & Tick Prevention
Mycodex Pet Shampoo with Carbaryl

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Scary, Scary Stuff-especially if you are a pet....


Mycodex....well, it sounds pharmaceutical, and it sounds like it has alot of pharmaceutical grade stuff to cure what ails the pooch or the cat ( namely skin and coat distress)  And I was in desperation to stop the endless licking, biting, scratching, oozing, scabbing, and hopefully avoid an expensive trip to the vets office for an even more expensive bottle of stuff that I couldn't hope to pronounce.    Mind you, I had alread tried the tried and true remedies containing pine tar, and salycylic acid, and tea tree oil.....basically, we had run the gamut.  So into the tub, one by one, three dogs got dragged and sudsed and rinsed (And I am a manaic about rinsing cleanly)  By halfway through the second dog, I noted that my hands and forearms were really quite pink, but I was also sweating trying to keep a rather unhappy and foamy German Shepherd from departing the tub prematurely.  But into the third and final dog-my skin actually felt warm where the suds had touched, even with constant rinsing with clear water throughout the process. Checking on the poor coonhound, who didn't catch on to what was going on, and was the first to get dunked....the dog actually had bumps all over her that literally looked like hives under her fur.  The GSD has a much heavier coat, so the bumps were not visible, but if you ran your hand along his skin, you could sure feel them.  Full stop, and everyone back into the tub with Baby shampoo and plain castille soap to try to get as much of this stuff off of them as possible.  Then I administered antihistamines to all the dogs (at least they weren't biting and licking and scratching while drugged out on the kitchen floor)  I felt horrid....went online and noted that this stuff has a bad rep, and lots of complaints.  (So why is it still being sold????, and not only to professional groomers and veterinary clinics???)  It was pretty pricey too, and I didn't want to dump the rest of this toxic waste down the drain, or put it in the garbage, so I took it to the vet clinic at the pet supply store where I had bought it, and raised some serious fuss....Of course, they were anxious to see my dogs for an office call and to determine if any further intervention was required, but that visit wouldn't be free, I assure you.  I consulted my regular vet, and went into a watch and wait mode, providing plenty of fresh water etc....and believe it or not, the dogs coats and skin are in worse shape than they were in the first place.  Within 48 hours, the biting, licking, scratching and general misery had intensified by at least double, and you couldn't really offer any other solutions or treatments until you were sure that this had passed without causing permanent problems.   We went through more misery than the dogs were experiencing in the first place with garden variety flea dermatitis.  While waiting for this to pass, I also had to forgo the heart worm medication dosage, remove all flea collars, desist with the topical flea products entirely-which of course means that my dogs are now walking bug diners....If anyone knows of a class action suit being launched, count me in.  I only gave it one star because I had to rate it somehow, but if I could have given nothing, I would.   Steer really clear of this stuff.   In the meanwhile, I have spent alot of time online researching holistic remedies for pets and holistic and more natural approaches for treating the yard, the lawn....the chemical cocktails are so many a varied that you reach a point of not knowing what the animals are reacting to, and if it is the product, some aspect of the product, or the product interacting with other stuff in the environment.   Oh yeah, and by the way, where my skin felt warm....I shed about three layers of skin as if I had a horrific sunburn, and boy did it itch...I really feel for the animals.  It is a shame that the product isn't required to indicate warnings on the packaging, because I do read labels before purchasing.  But even following package directions is risky stuff.   Finally, how much cooperation do you think that I am going to get next time the canine household members require bathing and grooming?????  I can't wait to try to get 160 pounds of wolfhound into a tub with water and suds again.

Montgomery, IL


Honey I toxicized the cat and the kids. Bummer. Carbaryl . . .


Good grief. I just washed my big old cat with Mycodex with carbaryl. To make matters worse, my kid helped me. He's a teen kid, but he will always be my kid. The vet sold me this Mydocex with carbaryl when we had a flea problem a few years back. We don't have those problems much, or we would not still have this bottle of flea and tick shampoo for cats and dogs. Today I got a flea on my leg. I am not an anal housekeeper, but show me a flea and I get my butt in gear. My boys really hate when that happens. We're usually very laid back unless I see a bug. Then I call out the troops - all two of my boys. I sprayed and sprayed and extra sprayed to be sure and then deemed that Sugar would be having a bath. This is a major production, since Sugar is a 20 pound cat with even bigger opinions. I must say Sugar is a good sport. When we first got him from the pound, I gave him a bath. He was so scared. He put his mouth around my hand but did not bite me - and new to our family. Today he did not even cry in the bathtub, and that is a first. Someone threw him out a car window in a cooler, so trust is an issue with him. He still hyperventilates in the car but not as bad as when he was younger. I washed big old Sugar with Mycodex pet shampoo with Carbaryl. This has always worked before, so it seemed like the thing to do. Then I got to reading on carbaryl. Yes. I am a nerd. Unfortunately, I did this after the bath and not before. Some onliners were talking about how it was hard to find flea shampoo with carbaryl. The reason was that there are problems with it. Big problems. There are lawsuits out there about this product. It's been banned in the UK. I'm still looking to see if it has been in the US. I'd say that's likely, since folks are having a hard time finding and buying it.  Here is what I found about carbaryl: "Carbaryl -- a highly toxic pesticide used in large-scale agriculture, lawn products, commercial garden centers and pet products --  is particularly toxic to the developing nervous system in fetuses, infants, and young children. EPA acknowledges that carbaryl can overstimulate the nervous system, inducing symptoms including nausea, dizziness, confusion, and even death in extreme cases." I am not pregnant (thank the Lord) and do not have young children. Still, I do not feel good about having just put this on my wonderful cat and having my boys helping. Since the vet sold me this, I never thought to check before the big bath today. But maybe I can help someone out who has old bottles of cat/dog shampoo in the cabinet. I'd say, "Throw this out." It's not worth the risk. While it does get rid of fleas, I have to now wonder what else it does and if I put my cat and kids at risk - and maybe myself as well.

southern, NC


Mycodex Pet Shampoo with Carbaryl

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