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Halloween hot spot...


More than anything, MyDivaCloset.com is geared toward the party girl or costume addict. However, there are several categories that I shop from every now and then. For one thing, I must say that I love shoes and this site has a decent amount of sandals in spring and summer themed colors to tempt even the savviest shopper. They generally only have between 6 and 10 different styles at any given moment but, they have a good amount of color variety in the styles they have available. As for their tights and footless stockings, I wish they had more to offer. The style selection, colors and available sizes are quite limited. I have never found a single pair worth purchasing for as long as I have shopped there. They do have a pretty good amount of corsets and their size range is pretty good. One problem I always have when shopping on this site is I can never find enough items I actually like to purchase to get me over the $70.00 free shipping limit. At times me and a friend combine our orders so we can get the items shipped for free. That seems to work best for us. Overall, it's not a bad site but the overall amount of items available are quite limited.



expensive but fun!


I only give this site a 7 because of how expensive it is. But it certainly is a fun site to shop on if you are into costumes, lingerie and party dresses that show a little more! Other than the price, both outfits I bought were of good quality. I wear one costume for the last two Halloween parties I have gone to and I have gotten many compliments. The fabric is soft and of good quality, much better than cheap costumes from a local part store. The website itself is easy to maneuver and they offer free shipping when you cross a certain threshold, usually free shipping over $70. And being expensive, it isn't hard to spend $70! They also offer free eyelashes with every purchase which last a long time, not like the usual fake eyelashes that get thrown out after wearing them only once. Product Selection There are many different outfits and costumes in all types of colors and sizes available. Busty women are loved on this site! I have found lots of bigger sizes that are nice for bustier women.




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