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Heavy Duty enough to weigh Giant Pumpkins


We started out looking for a reliable scale to weigh the giant pumpkins that we grow on our farm. Our customers like to know how big our pumpkins got and we like to know if we have achieved that world record pumpkin. After reading some reviews, we purchased this scale and are extremely pleased with its performance. Our pumpkins have weighed over 250 pounds and that presented no problem for this scale. Since these pumpkins are quite large, it was helpful to have the talking voice to tell us the weight since we cannot see the display with the pumpkin sitting right on it. Presumably you wouldn't need to rely on the talking voice if you are weighing most people. The scale is black and pretty sturdy. You do need to make sure to use it on level surfaces and store it properly if you don't use it frequently. We haven't had a single problem with it and it sure make weighing giant pumpkins much easier. Now, I know most of you don't have giant pumpkins to weigh, but I would imagine that if it does this well with our huge pumpkins it can do a great job with anything you might have to weigh.

Newaygo, MI


My Weigh Pound Talking Scale

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