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My Little Pony
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Fluttershy Friendship Games Doll


The Friendship Games have begun, and the Wondercolts are ready to rumble! This beautiful Fluttershy doll is one of them, and for her, friendship comes first! Her outfit and snazzy shoes will put her ahead of the competition, and she’s got a fabulous necklace that really shows her school spirit. When you scan her necklace into the Equestria Girls app (device not included), you can unlock her character in the app! Get your Wondercolts vs. Shadowbolts adventures going with this spectacular Fluttershy doll!

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so cute


This is like a my little pony / barbie combination! These dolls are super cute, pretty with all the my little pony spunk my daughter loves playing with them. They remind me so much of barbie.. The parts do move around which makes for easier play and dressing etc. The colors are very vivid and the price was awesome!

new jersey

great for a five year old pre-Barbie age


My granddaughter is five years old and loves playing with anything related to My Little Pony. When she saw this doll in the store one day , she was begging for them so I bought her three of them, all in the Equestria series - one for her birthday and the other 2 for Christmas . These dolls are pretty well-constructed of hard plastic and are a bit smaller than a Barbie doll . They are decent quality, durable , and the hair is very pretty and easy to brush or comb and the clothes are removeable . If you have more than one of these Equestria dolls , the clothes and shoes / boots will fit interchangeably . My granddaughter loves any doll with bright red hair - maybe because that is my hair color and hers is such a dark black . This doll has removeable wings that help her fly so , of course, this particular My Little pony doll does a lot of flying over to the other dolls to help them when they are in distress : ) The outfits are cute and colorful and these dolls are a nice addition to the My Little Pony family of toys . The price is reasonable for a doll of this type so you can afford to buy a couple so they can be " friends " with one another as is their theme . These dolls are appropriate for girls from maybe 4-6 who have not yet gotten into the Barbie type phase but love combing hair , dressing dolls and having interactive play with them . They get a lot of use when my granddaughter comes over to visit , she always is eager to play with these dolls -they are among her favorite toys at the moment .



Fun Toy with a Good Message


These dolls are really cute, and I love that they are all about friendship! My girls love them - they are cute but modest, and they inspire hours of creative play. I played with My Little Pony toys as a kid, and it is fun to see the brand expanding.



Perfect present for My Little Pony Equestria Girl Fan!


My little girl loved this doll and loves playing make believe with it~

San Tan Valley. AZ


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Fluttershy Friendship Games Doll

4.5 4