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My First Kenmore
My First Kenmore - 10 Piece Pots & Pans Set by PlayGo


Does your little chef enjoy helping you cook, but you always seem to need the same Pot as they do? The My First Kenmore 10 Piece Pots & Pans Set is perfect for your little one! With Pots, Pans, Ladle, Spatula, and Spaghetti Spoons, there is plenty for your little chef to use.

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Excellent product


A good product, easy to clean, solid and easy to use, and does not leave traces of burning after induction, I recommend that you use it not hesitate to buy it




Feel So Grown Up


I got the My First Kenmore 10-piece pots and pans set for my sons. I have two little boys who just love to cook. They have their own play kitchen but are always stealing my pots, pans and cookware. I have given them some of my older items that I don't use very much, but the problem is that the utensils and other kitchenware is far too big for their little kitchen. It's also quite awkward for their little hands. I love the size of the Kenmore cookware. It is specifically designed for small hands to promote motor skill development, and it fits perfectly in their child size play kitchen. The set looks just like my stainless steel cookware, so they feel like they are cooking just like me. The utensils are cute and mimic the function of my utensils. The only downside is that the only available color that I have ever seen is pink trim. I would love a more gender neutral option regarding colors. I do like the look of the stainless steel, however. Overall, the set has held up really well to my little chefs. It seems quite durable and tough. The varying sizes of pots and pans as well as the lids and utensils have provided so much fun and creative play for my sons and their friends.


Dallas, TX


My first kenmore product


This product was among the other kitchen set toys I had purchased for my daughter and she really loves collecting kitchen sets and making food in the vessels. When the product arrived, my daughter immediately rushed and opened it and then started arranging the vessels in her kitchen set. She started filling the two vessels with boiled rice that I had given her earlier and then set it on her toy gas and then she started eating from the vessels itself. My daughter loves eating in these small vessels and no matter that the vessels can be filled with a very little amount of food, she insists to eat in these vessels itself and then she and her friends start making food for her dollies as well. It's fun to watch all the kids get together and start cooking food using these vessels. These vessels have a pink handle which makes them look quite attractive and the quality of these toys is good. The price of the vessels is a bit high but my daughter is more than happy owning it.



My First Kenmore - 10 Piece Pots & Pans Set by PlayGo

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