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My Calorie Counter

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Great source of Nutritional Infomation, Guidence, and Support!!


I love this web site for so many reasons. It offers an extensive list of almost any food that is deemed edible. It seems that they are continuously updating their list of restaurants and the changes to their menus. I do not typically utilized the full potential of this web site but I am quite impressed with all of the useful tools for any individual. It allows people to track their daily caloric intakes, calculate their body mass indexes, meet and discuss verious nutrition and health related topics with other like-minded people, and even share and swap healthy cooking and recipe ideas. I visit it atleast once a week but usually more often then that to get new ideas and inspiration for dinner. I also use it very frequently to determine how many calories I have expended during the day and also to calculate my daily caloric intake. Overall i would recommend the website to anyone. I believe good nutrition is the first and most important step towards a healthy and happy lifestyle and a web site such as this makes it easy for people to make better, healthier choices.

Burlington, NC


My Calorie Counter--lots of perks, but so hard to use


I used My Calorie Counter for 2 years, paying the subscription price for premium so that I could add my own recipes, etc. But I finally became so frustrated with it that I quit and moved to a different website (it also starts with "my"). My Calorie Counter is so difficult to use! If you are plugging food into the Counter every time you eat, it is so time-consuming and is not easy to understand. For example: logging into the website takes a smidge longer. The website times out fairly soon if you're not active on it. Looking up foods is time-consuming, and I always had a terrible time finding my own recipes that I had typed in. And there were many store-bought foods that were not in their listing already, so I had to type them in as "my foods" too. It DOES offer pretty much everything you could wish for in a calorie counter.  All kinds of tracking charts so that you can see how much protein you ate, or how much weight you've lost through the months, etc.  Blogging, forums, etc.  But what I need is a simple but thorough way to EASILY keep track of exactly what I eat, and this was crazy-making.

Grove City, PA


Love it!


This web site has it all. It is a great place for tracking weight loss goals, nutrition, daily exercise, health concerns and more. The personalized homepage is great, and the fact that it is free also helps. This is a great site for anyone, whether underweight, overweight, health conscious, or diet conscious. Check it out!

Beavertown, PA


My Calorie Counter

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