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My Brest Friend
My Brest Friend Pillow, Warm Dots

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Snuggles with us


This is really cute. We did her entire room in the turtle theme and this fits right in. Best of all, the product does what it says at a reasonable pricepoint. First it fits around most waists to stay secure. The baby fits inside pretty well and doesn't wiggle around. But our baby wasn't comfortable in it for long, after 10 minutes it was obvious she wanted OUT. It has a cute turtle head but I can't figure out the head is facing out. The baby can't really see it and it just got in the way. Best of all, it works pretty well for different size people to feed and play with the baby. It is no too soft and does help hold the baby's head in place so she can take the breast or bottle without problems. As my daughter bottle fed with breast milk, it was nice that this pillow could snuggle her in while we were all taking turns feeding her. The other one we bought she has to wiggle out of it. We really like the fact that it holds the baby's head and neck so that we can play with her and bounce her on our knee. I would recommend the product for effectiveness but it as far as looks, it's a personal choice. .


Wimauma, FL


My Brest Friend Pillow, Warm Dots

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