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Mutsy Easygrow High Chair

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An excellent, long lasting highchair for 6 month and older!


I purchased these chairs, sight unseen, for my three toddlers (at that time, aged 2.5, 1.5 and 8 months).  What first drew me to them was the sleek similicity of the lines.  They are modern, come in a variety of colors to match any decor, and don't take up a lot of "visual space" in the room.  Their versitility was also very attractive to me.  These highchairs come with a squishy seat to accomodate smaller children, which is removable, leaving just the flat plastic seat for toddlers and above.  The tray table, although small, was sufficient for my children to eat on.  Also, the tray removes from the chair altogether, and can be replaced with either a cross-bar (allowing children to eat at a table, included), or can be left off (allowing an older child to use it as a regular chair).  There are multiple seat and footrest configurations, which allow you to adjust the highchair to whichever position best fits your child at that time. The sleekness of these highchairs makes them very easy to wipe clean -- no small cracks to get into. They have a very high weight limit (nearly 100 lbs!), which lets these convert from high chair for 6month+, to toddler-booster seat, then to a desk chair or whatnot for an older child. I will say that the trays are very slick, especially at first, and some plates/bowls slid around for a while. They also do not fold -- which is fine, if you leave your highchair up all the time.  But, if you are used to folding your highchair and putting it away when done with it, be aware that this chair will not fold.

Largo, FL


easily cleaned, and long use


I was so excited to find the Mutsy Easygrow High Chair. It will be used for years because it can hold up to 99 pounds. I love there are no extra fluff and junk all over it. It's sleek, easy to clean and I put it together and adjusted it to many settings in just 10 minutes. I love that it has a tray and a safety bar so it can be pulled right up to the table also. It comes with a little booster for when baby is really tiny and a 5 point safety harness! It is easy to clean and so smooth that baby can't hurt herself on any corner. I just love it. The only thing that may be a problem is the tray is not adjustable. I can slid my baby in and out, but if she was a rolly polly baby it would be harder. The tray slids on from above, but if needed, you can pull the sides apart enough to come off on the front without hurting it. It's not built to do that so if you break it it's your problem. I still love it because it's not big, bulky, or cushiony to have to worry about washing all the time. Adjusting it is so easy, takes seconds.

Honolulu, HI


Mutsy Easygrow High Chair

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