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Mustang Motorcycle Seats

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Excellent qualituy


My Fiance's dad got a Mustang seat for his Kawasaki Vulcan. What a nice seat! It's easy to tell the quality of materials, the stitching, everything is awesome! It was also easy to install and looks so much better than the stock seat. So far it has help up perfectly after about a year or so. He loved this seat so much he went and bought the matching saddlebags too. Pretty sweet looking now



Cruisin' in comfort and style


You know how, as you get older, parts of your body start to ache and throb after riding a few hundred miles on a motorcycle? Especially your lower back? You know what I'm talkin' about! Here's a pretty good solution for that problem: **Mustang Motorcycle Products, Inc.** specializes in high quality seats and accessories for cruisers of all makes and models. With the sturdy steel reinforced construction of the seat frame, as opposed to the molded plastic of the stock seat frame, this seat should last through a nuclear holocaust. Okay, here's what I got: the **Two Piece Vintage Wide Touring Seat with Driver Backrest.** With a name as long as that it's gotta be good, right? Right! Installation was a breeze. Well, except for the part where I had to climb up on top of the seat, putting all my weight on the back in order to get the mounting bolt to finally catch a thread... okay it wasn't that bad. To get the old seat off, you can remove 1 nut and 1 bolt, as long as you don't have a luggage rack on the back. Since I happen to have a luggage rack, I had to loosen the 2 nuts on the license plate/luggage rack mount bracket and pop the luggage rack off the passenger seat mounting bolt. Then the passenger seatpad came off and I took out the bolt holding the driver's seat. Once the old parts were off I needed to remove the front passenger pad mount so that the new Mustang mounts could be installed. 2 bolts out, 2 new chrome pad mounts on, and it was time to install the new stuff! We already discussed the climbing up on the driver's seat to get the bolt in, so let's move on from there. Once the driver's seat is mounted, you slip the front passenger pad bracket into the chromium encrusted pad mounts and drop the rear bracket over the bolt. Guys like me would take a nice long pull from the beer bottle right about now. And then I would drop the luggage rack bracket over the same bolt and screw the nut back on. After sliding the driver's backrest mount into the bracket inside the seat and tightening the license plate bracket nuts we were ready to ride in less than 20 minutes. Woulda been less than 15 if it weren't for that one part.... never mind. Time to testdrive. Backrest too far forward? Too far back? Use the adjusting screw on the base of the backrest to move it either way. The Mustang seat sits just a tad higher than the stock seat, but that's not a bad thing. Unless you're short. You're not short are ya? Just that one quick trip around the block before the snow started falling let me know how happy my back was going to be! The seat itself is a bit wider than the stock seat, as is the passenger pad, and that means more comfort. I'm old: I'm all about comfort now. d;-) So what am I gettin at? Well it's pretty simple ain't it? If you ride, and want to cruise in comfort and style, you owe it to yourself to pop a Mustang Seat on your ride, lean back, and smile, smile, smile! July addendum: Ok, I took the cruiser on a 1,000 mile jaunt and, while there was some "fanny fatigue" after 7 or so hours, for the most part it was quite comfortable. I can't imagine how bad my back would've been if I hadn't had the backrest. This seat still gets a double "thumbs up" from me!

5280, CO


Mustang Motorcycle Seats

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