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A Groovy Gold Mine of Rare Vinyl and CDs, at Collector's Prices


If you've been looking for a certain rare 45 or LP, or maybe an out-of-print CD, and you can't find it on Ebay, this online record store is for you. Actually, it's more of an online record *convention,* as it features items from the private collections of some of the collectingest record collectors who ever collected a record. Now you can lay hands on that elusive bit of vinyl, just by visiting musicstack.com, and doing a search for it. Doubtless you'll find it in several formats from several different sellers. One thing I must interject here: it's gonna cost ya. Expect to pay full price and then some, especially for that out-of-print CD. I expect to pay collector's prices for old vinyl, but somehow I can't see paying several times the original list price (which was inflated to begin with) for a freakin' CD. The same rule applies here as on Ebay and Amazon, which is whatever the market will bear. Don't expect too many bargains here. That said, if there's an old record that you once loved, and you have never found a copy anywhere, check musicstack. Chances are pretty good you'll find it there.

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