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Munire Nursery Collection - Urban

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Beautiful piece of junk


After countless hours of searching for the perfect nursery furniture for our unborn daughter in 2009, we settled on Munire. The convertible crib was as sturdy and well built as it was beautiful. The problems didn't begin until we converted the crib to a full sized bed. We purchased the conversion kit when we purchased the furniture in fear that if we waited until our daughter graduated to a bed, the line would be discontinued. One week after assembling the bed, I sat on the side of the bed to read my daughter a story and the side rail cracked right down the center (I weigh 150lbs). My father fixed it by reinforcing the sides with 2x4s. While it isn't pretty, it serves its purpose. One month later, my daughter went running from the bathroom to her bedroom after brushed her teeth and hopped in her bed to settle in for the night (as any 4-year-old would do). Upon doing so, one of the center slats cracked in half. She weighs 32 lbs. There are six slats that came with the conversion kit that were made with a spit and a prayer. Crappy particle board. We had originally purchased a box spring to lay under her mattress but removed it because it made the bed ridiculously high (and silly looking between the head and foot board). My best friend bought the exact same furniture and had the exact same problem. Mine was not an isolated case. Please do not be fooled by the beauty of this furniture! Like I said, the crib was great, but if it doesn't functionally convert to a full sized bed, what's the point in spending the money? I went out tonight and purchased wood from our local hardware store to replace the slats, hoping that I can rig something up to strengthen the bed and ensure it last well into her teen years. I'm disgusted that I was duped by Munire. My second child is due in June and I will NOT make the same mistake twice.



The Munire Urban Collection is perfect for our little man!


We got the Munire Urban crib, toddler bed extension kit, conversion to full size bed kit and dresser in Espresso 2 years ago. It has held up really well with no scratches or marks. Munire makes beautiful furniture and we are going to use the crib for our second baby as well. The only negative thing I can think of is that changing the height of the mattress as baby sits, stands and pulls up is quite difficult. You have to take off the entire front of the crib and adjust the bars underneath which is quite hard to get in the right place. Fortunately you will only have to adjust it once or twice with your baby. Other than that we find that the furniture is a beautiful addition to our home. It's safe, pretty and durable. The crib also converts to a toddler bed and full size bed later on. The design is very appealing for a babie's room, kid or even teenager so we are happy we bought something taht will "grow" with him! Highly recommended!

Clifton, NJ


Paint cracks, wood cracks, lots of imperfections


We purchased the crib, the 6-drawer dresser and the bookshelf in white.  All pieces of furniture have multiple 1/4"-2 1/2" paint cracks (they may not be as visible on darker furniture) and one of the drawers has 2 wood cracks.  This is supposedly high-end furniture and we were willing to pay the price for good furniture that would last and could grow with the baby.  We would have been better off buying cheap furniture as the quality is worse than what you get for cheap.  We have submitted a claim with the reseller almost a month ago and they still have no response from the manufacturer.  We are considering returning the entire set. See pictures for just a few samples.  This is new furniture...our baby is not even born yet, so it's in an unused room.

Marietta, GA


When you buy Munire Urban furniture you are paying for quality.


After reading many reviews and looking at many baby furniture collections, my husband and I decided to get the Munire Urban Nursery Collection (crib, dresser,  & hutch) for our daughter.  We absolutely love it.  The crib is convertible as we hope to use it for our daughter for many years to come.  It converts to a toddler bed and then to a full size bed.  We got the cherry finish which is beautiful.  The furniture is solidly made and the dresser and hutch come with hardware to attach to the wall for safety.  The dresser stores a lot (we got the one with 3 drawers and 1 door with 2 shelves) and the hutch is great for displaying photographs, special toys, and for an easy to reach diaper changing kit.  I would recommend Munire furniture to anyone who plans on using the furniture for an extended period of time.  The furniture is pricey, but I think this is a case of "you get what you pay for."

Framingham, MA


Beautiful Furniture That is Safe, Functional, and Will Last!!


When looking for baby furniture, I consulted other parents and I read through the baby bargains book since I had no idea what I should be looking for. After reading through the lists and reviews, we decided on Munire for the following reason: SAFETY. I had heard of and read so many articles about babies getting hurt by cribs with drop-down sides that getting one with that function was out of the question. The Munire crib has a metal grid that can be raised and lowered (not "easily" where a child could do it...but it has to be done by a parent). The metal grid stays put by big bolts and can be (should be) covered with a bed skirt. The heights are perfect for newborns to toddlers. We purchased the Urban collection in the dark finish and it is beautiful (so beautiful that we bought the same collection for our second daughter). It is worth the money because it will last our kids through toddler age+. The crib converts to a toddler bed (conversion kit sold separately), and then to a full size bed (again, conversion kid is sold separately). It is recommended that if you intend to convert the bed, buy the conversion kits at the same time so that the wood stain is the same color. Along with the crib, we bought the nightstand and the tall 5-drawer bureau. They come with wood knobs AND with metal satin nickel knobs. They also came with kits that allow you to tether it to a wall to avoid tipping. This brand is extremely well made and well worth the investment. When it comes to furniture for your children, do NOT go cheap as it is a matter of safety and longevity. You will have this furniture for a VERY long time and you can go to bed knowing that your kids are safe in theirs.

Winnetka, IL


Modern and Nursery-appropriate.


I wanted my nursery to match and compliment the rest of the decor thoughout my home.  I didn't want to hire a decorator because I wanted everything to be personal and special.  I ended up choosing the Munire Urban collection.  The quality of the wood is truly stunning.  I am very happy with how the nursery turned out.  I didn't want anything that screamed BABY, but I also wanted it to be baby-appropriate.  This was the perfect solution.  The Munire Urban collection is not cheap but the value is well worth it.  The crib is convertible, so it goes from a crib, to a regular bed when baby gets bigger.  I highly recommend Munire furniture, no matter which collection you prefer.  They are all beautifully crafted, heirloom quality furniture.

Bessemer, AL


Munire Nursery Collection - Urban

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