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Munchkin Tri-Flow Angled Baby Bottles

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The perfect bottle for your baby regardless of age.


Munchin tri-flow angled bottles are a wonderful baby bottle to feed your baby due to the three vents that regulate the amount of liquid that flows from the bottle. Therefore you are not required to purchase multiple different size nipples due to one flow rate. If you are a new expecting mother this is important to you: babies eat a different flow rates... meaning that babies occasionally will suck and get either too much food or not enough food at a time. With the tri-flow angled bottles that problem is easily remedied by a simple twist to find the right flow for your baby. This means less colic and more satisfying feedings due to reduced gagging and gulping. Your baby will suck in less air. These bottles also are available in 4 o 8 oz size, and are ideal for all ages. The angle bottle will allow for easier feeding to keep yoru baby up right and less prown to spit-up, gas, and other common problems.  

Santa Maria, CA


Flow selection of the Munchkin Tri-Flow makes it a keeper


We purchased the Munchkin Tri-Flow angled bottle before our daughter was born just to have options in case she did not take to the other bottles we received at our shower. Due to bad planning we ended up with no medium flow bottles for when she turned 3 months so we ended up starting her on these bottles instead of buying new nipples. She really took to these bottles well. Depending on how she is feeling (for example if she is sick and not so hungry) we can adjust the flow back and forth. We are actually getting ready to adjust the feeding flow to fast. The angled bottle keeps the gas to a minimal with its air vent. The air vent does not make the bottle harder to clean like some other bottles.he nipples on these bottles are well constructed and are of great quality. We have not had to replace any nipples with these bottles due to damage from tearing or being stretched out of shape. I plan to buy more of these with my next child.

Atlanta, GA


Love this bottle!


These are the perfect bottles.  I used several different kind of bottles for my children but always went back to the triflow bottle and nipples.  One nipple is used and you choose which flow you would like, slow, medium or fast.  I tried a number of competitor bottles but these are simple with only a few pieces for each bottle to work properly.  They are very durable and I have used the same bottles and nipples for my first and second child and will also use them for my third child.  If you would like a simple bottle system that works, use the Triflow bottle systems!Simpl

Empire, AL


Take a second look


I got my first Munchkin tri-flow bottle from the hospital after I had my baby... For the most part I really enjoyed these bottles but the nipples didn't last and the bottle contains BPA, which I now know that is something  don't want my babies to have. I would not buy these again and would get a better bpa free bottle instead.

Morrison, CO


Found the perfect baby bottle!


I have tried several baby bottles and finally found the perfect one for my 2-month old son.  No matter what stage nipple I got him, he was either struggling to get anything out or gulping to much.  This bottle adjust the flow rate of his milk, so if your child is gulping too quickly you can turn the nipple to the slow rate and vice versa.  You don't have to buy nipples for each stage.  You can adjust the flow rate no matter what stage your baby is at.   

Grantville, GA


Munchkin Tri-Flow Angled Baby Bottles

4.4 5