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Munchkin Super Star Potty Seat - Princess

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Worked much better than a potty chair for us


I used a traditional potty chair to trian my first child, it flushed it made noise and it was disgusting to dump out every time my daughter went potty. Germs abounded ot at least I felt like they did. So when it came time to train our second child, I bought one of these squishy potty seats for teh regular toilet. The purpose was entirely selfish, I was tired of cleaning out the potty cup! This seat worked great. We did need a stool so that she could get up to the toilet, but that wasn't a problem after the first several tries. Additionally using the potty seat made transitioning to a regular toilet much easier and seemed to reduce the fear of "the big potty" when we had to go in stores or restaurants. Overall I would say the potty choir has its place but the potty seat is a much better choice. And I like that this one is squishy rather than hard for those times your little one is there for a while.


Littleton, CO


adorable! slips easily though


i have a 3 year old who is already potty trained but is still too small for the full sized adult toilet seat. she is really into princesses so she not only loves this seat but loves using the big girl potty and not have to worry about falling in. this seat is great in that it is easily removeable so i can leave it in the toilet and quickly take it out and put it back in when someone else needs to use the toilet. however i find this seat to be a little too slippery as it just simply sits on the toilet seat without anything securing it. i still have to watch her on occassion as she uses it to make sure she does not slip and hurt herself. i do love the fact that the seat itself is padded. it makes it super comfy for her to use. the handles are also a great feature and makes her feel more secure when getting on and off. my only wish is that the makers of this product would re-design it a bit so that it was more seccured on the toilet.


Winter Springs, FL


What a great training helper


I bought this seat for my little Princess.  She was been working on going to the potty for a while now and this seat is comfortable for her to sit on.  We tried the potty chair and she didn't want anything to do with it.  So we tried this seat and it seem to be working.  She has gone on the toilet a few times now.  She has her routine and she puts the potty seat on the toilet and gets on and acts like shes going potty.  It is so cute.


Saginaw, MI


Munchkin Super Star Potty Seat - Princess

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