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Munchkin Sesame Street Plush Harness

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Not a good idea


Well, I received this as a gift from a family member and my husband and I were not excited about it at all. We had seen people using these types of devices out at the zoo/ mall/ park and well it just looked like a mother was trying to walk her dog. Except for the fact that you weren't walking a dog, you were with your child. So we were less than thrilled with this gift. With that being said, I can understand how these could be handy if you were at a very crowded event with lots of kids (Disney World even), and you run a high chance of losing your kid. But I think that at the local zoo or park, it's a bit much. I personally prefer holding my son/daughters hand and keeping a very close eye on her/him over putting a leash on them. The one thing i do like about this particular harness is the cute character on front; at least it makes it more fun for the kids. Overall I just don't like these and am not 100% sure they are safe for kids.


Wichita, KS


Munchkin Sesame Street Plush Harness my kid isn't a dog


Munchkin Sesame Street Plush Harness is a weird way to control your child. If your child misbehaves so badly that they need to be on a leash like a dog then there is a problem that needs to be addressed elsewhere. Having elmo try to make your kid feel happy about being controlled like a dog is just beyond my comprehension. If my kid was that bad likely I wouldnt take them out in public and work on changing their behaviour. My five year old daughter saw a kid in one of these and said look mom that kid is tied up like a dog!! That mom thinks their kid is a pet! Why would a mom tie up their kid and walk it like a dog? Mom I want one of those Ill pretend to be a puppy! I was like no way!!! As you can likely tell I am no fan and even my kids found it appealing to pretend to be a dog being walked by momma but as mom I think children forced into these contraptions will need to serious therapy when they are older!


Tulsa, OK


good for keeping her close


My daughter is a very curious little girl and when we go out we have to keep an extra sharp eye out on her because she tends to drift away from the family. At first, I tried to keep her close by having her wear bright clothing so that she would be easy to spot, but that idea did not work very well when we were in crowded areas. So i bought this Sesame street harness  for her and it works very well. She sometimes puts up a fuss when she sees that she is going to have to use it because she knows that she will not be able to go wherever she wants to. But i think that the Elmo character in the front helps to comfort her and gives her something to play and talk to when she has the harness on. This harness has a strap that is sometimes tricky to fit on my daughter's body. When my daughter is behaving a little more maturely, i connect this harness to her wrist so that she can have a little more freedom to move around. This harness also secures nicely to my own wrist when I wear it. The pocket on the Elmo on the harness is perfect for my daughter to keep a snack or a toy in.


Portage, MI


Sesame Street plush harness is the cutest but not safe


I purchased the Sesame Street plush harness as Elmo is my daughter's favorite character. It looks a little boyish, though. Anyway, I just let her wear it at home without the harness before we tried it outside. At first she loved wearing it since she can play with the soft and cuddly Elmo all she wanted. Then I put it on her in one of our outings, with the harness. The harness attaches with velcro at her back and anytime she ran, velcro came apart. This harness also comes with a wrist attachment. I didn't want to use that attachment. I thought that would look like a leash. Now we don't use this harness as a harness but as a toy she can play with. Elmo's overall has a little pocket that you can put a napkin or another small item you might need. It is not as big and useful as it is advertised, though. 


San Mateo, CA


Munchkin Sesame Street Plush Harness

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