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Glass Baby Bottles
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Munchkin Mighty Grip Glass Baby Bottles

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Glass Bottles are Easy to Clean!


I recieved these as a gift from my baby shower and I really like them. I was a little surprised because I didn't know anything about glass and after using them I ended up going out and bought more of these bottles and I just love them! They are really easy to clean and use. I personally didn't use the nipples provided because I didn't like them to start off with as they were a little hard and my daughter didn't like them either right off the bat, so I purchased another set of nipples that fit, and everything worked like a charm! I was worried that they were going to be easy to break, or break at some point, but they are really durable and haven't broken yet. I have all different colors as the colors are all so bright and pretty, and must admit I have been using these over a year now and never have had to thow one out. I haven't had any crack or break on me yet, so the durability on these is strong! I would buy again! AND I highly recommend!


Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Munchkin glass bottles are wonderful.


The Munchkin glass bottles are a little heavy but they are for the parents to hold not the child. I love that they are easy to clean and sanitize. Being glass they are not as easily stained as the plastic ones and withstand the odors. I love them.


Kewanee, IL


Very nice bottle.. well made.. but the nipples are weak..


I loved getting these bottles and I got a few of them. They have a nice grip and nice shap making it easy and comfy to hold. I do not like the silicon sleeves. They are hard to get on and off. The tops of the nipples are very weak and break easily when washing them by hand. I read a lot of bad reviews about the nipples and did not get it until  washed it myself and then I saw what they meant. So make sure you test out the stream of flow after washing, or your baby will sputter and gag on a too fast flow. It actually tears open. Replacement nipples are impossible to find and I called Munchkin and they do not sell replacement parts. Which is sad, because I wanted to order a few more collars.. So now.. with no nipple they are used for breastmilk storage which is not a bad thing. But I feed my baby boy with Born Free. So very nice bottle, but the nipples and sleeves need work.  I would say to buy it, only if you are able to find evenflo nipples or some sturdier nipple for it.   They do makde excellent BM storage though..


Keyport, NJ


Good bottles, but heavy


When i had my first son we just used what ever bottle we received as gifts. It was so overwheming when we went to register for all of our baby stuff that we just skipped right over the bottle section. There were just too many to choose from and how in the world would you know which kind of nipple the baby would prefer. It was just too much for us. We just ended up using the nuk bottles. I didn't even know that they sold glass bottles. My husbands cousin gave us some of these bottles because she wasn't using them and I hate to wash bottles so we gave them a shot. They worked great! They clean up so much better than plastic bottles. We always had residue left on our bottles so this was a big plus. Make sure you get the rubber grips that go around them though so that they don't break when they are dropped. THey are a little heavy for a new baby that is learning to hold their bottle for the first time thought. Also make sure to be very careful when cleaning so that you don't chip the opening of the bottle.


Fountain Valley, CA


above average


**Munchkin Mighty Grip 8 ounce Glass Baby Bottle are a truley awesome product. so old school yet so affordable and amazingly useful. I love the simplicity of glass bottles that their is no BPA to leak into my childrens food and drink, after all what new parent need that one added thing to worry about. I love that they are thick glass too and that they can withstand a lot of abuse. adn survive sevrel drops at least on linolium floors, I can say that from expierence.:) I like the color variety too while it dosent really add to the preformance of the bottles it definatly makes them more attractive and desirable to have bright colors and stylish looking bottles to carry along with you. after all you will be toteing the baby bottles you select for at least a year and so many people will see you use them often. I really recomend giving glass bottles a try for the added benefits and you will most likely fall in love as i have**


Toledo, OH


A Good Solid Bottle


I first bought these bottles because they were a bit cheaper. I now buy them because they are convenient. Not only do they clean easily, but they also hold a good amount, which is nice to have as the baby gets bigger and drinks larger amounts. I also like that the bottles have the narrow part toward the top. At first I thought this would make it harder to clean the bottle, but it hasn't. Instead, it has made it easier for a babies hands to grasp the bottle and start feeding themselves earlier on. This is nice, since once a baby is able to feed themselves that translates to mommy having more time to get things done around the house or having their hands free while we are out and about. I will definitely keep getting my Munchkin baby grip bottles. The only downside is that they are glass. To make sure they are safe I make sure that my baby is surrounded by soft things so that if he drops the bottle it doesn't break.


Houston, TX


Loved the look!


I loved this product! This product was very attractive and had many fashinable colors and shapes! I loved the bright vibrant colors they offered. Not to mention the cool unique shapes. At least its not old school BORING! I loved the fact that they were sold in almost every store I attended! The nipple never cloged up nor shrank up during heating, nor during cleaning. I have had numerious problems with various othe products auch as johnson and johnson. They would clag during servings and would shrink during clining. Also It would shrivle up during feeding and would stick. I had to replace numerios times. I would deffinently purchase in the near future as would i refer it to family and friends. The only complaint I would sat is that I think the product could have been made a little more of quality for the price. they were expensive at most stores. But I would deffinently prefer to buy this product over various other products on the shelves.


Bridge City, TX


Munckin Glass Baby Bottle


Maybe I'm a stickler for the plastic bottles a bit much. I like the grip on these glass ones, but it is too slick, being glass and all, for a baby to grip well. Plus, glass breaks, plastic doesn't. Don't care for these...


Van Alstyne, TX


great for babies to use


Ever since i had my son, i have always looked for bottles that would not break easily. I stumbled upon this set and i have not used anything else since. They are very strong and even when he throws them because he refuses to drink or eat, they still stay strong. The bottles are clear so I can easily tell what i have given him to drink. The clear design is also nice because they allow me to see how much my son has drank from his bottle. The various colors of lids that come with the bottles are cute and allow me to customize the bottle. When I put milk in the bottle, it does a great job of not leaking out and i am not afraid to have my son wear his best clothes when i give him his bottle. The bottle is also easy for him to hold in his little hands and the nipple is very easy for him to suck. Cleaning the bottle is very easy and it takes no time at all to wash it by hand. I can easily clean every nook in the bottle.


Norwich, CT


One of the best out there


As a new mom I had a hard time trying to find a bottle that I could use safely with my baby, until I found Munchkin's, they are very easy to use and clean and are excellent to store milk in the freezer too.


West New York, NJ


Munchkin Mighty Grip Glass Baby Bottles

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