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Munchkin Deluxe Car Bottle Warmer

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Good idea... doesn't work.


We needed a way to warm our son's bottles while we were on the go.  You can't always find an outlet, so when we saw this, we thought it was a great idea!  The idea is great... it just doesn't work at all. This thing didn't even get warm  enough to warm up my hand, much less a bottle of milk.  Maye after an hour, it may have warmed up the bottle, but I honestly don't think it even would have been warm after that long.  It was certainly a frustrating discovery to make when our son was screaming for a bottle and we were realizing that this doesn't work at all. We returned ours after trying it once and we have never tried it again. To be fair, the bottle that we were trying to warm up was pretty cold.  Maybe, if the bottle was room temperature, maybe it would have warmed it up a little.  But of course, that's not very practical, especially if you have breasmilk along that must stay cold to not spoil at all.


Holly Ridge, NC


Great idea for traveling with baby but...is a big let down


We often take day trips to various places nearby since right now we can't afford a true "vacation."  Traveling is hard enough with a little one on board, so I am always on the look out for any products that might make my life easier.  That's when I came across the Munchkin Deluxe Car Bottle Warmer and bought it right up.  It was just what I was looking for:  a way to warm my baby's bottle without having to go into a restaurant's restroom and running it under hot water for a few minutes.  It looked like it would work well, because it has the car charger part attached to it (you just plug it into your cigarette lighter/charger).  It also looks to be well-constructed and airtight so that once you zip it up, you'd expect the bottle to be warm in no more than five minutes or so.  Well, unfortunately that is not the case.  We tried using it many times and each time, it ended up being quicker just warming the bottle between our hands for a few minutes rather than using this item.  It took at least ten minutes to get it even remotely warm and a good fifteen to get it to where our son would take the bottle.  In other words, it turned out to be a useless product for us because it didn't live up to my expectations. Nice idea, but they should work on the heating element a little for the next go-around of products.


Spartanburg, SC


Munchkin Deluxe Car Bottle Warmer

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