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Munchkin Cool Flow Back Sleeper

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Great idea, but we never used it.


I get the idea of this product, and I'm sure many people use it with much success, but it just didn't work for us.  Our son obviously didn't need it when he was a newborn.  There was no way that he would be able to roll over.  Once he began rolling at all, he didn't want anything to do with this. We did try putting him in it when he was a newborn just so we could try to position him a certain way.  It never really worked at keeping him in one position and I always worried about him moving down in it and getting suffocated by the sides of it. A really nice feature about this one is that it has the vents to make it "cool flow".  One of my biggest worries was of overheating our child at night.  This can increase the risk of SIDS, so I always worried about it.  The feature this has to keep babies cooler is a definite must if you're going to use a sleep positioner. Overall, I've heard this working for others and it is a well made product; however, it just wasn't for us.

Holly Ridge, NC


good and bad


I agree with the other reviewer, it completely depends on how your child sleeps. If you have it tight enough to where your child won't roll over it makes them too hot and sweaty, which makes for a cranky baby. Yes there are breathable holes in the side, but sometimes even that isn't enough. The pros to this product is that it is very simple to use. All you do is take the two pieces and velcro them together. This is durable, very easy to wash if the child spits up a lot at night or decides to have a messy diaper, and small enough to be able to tote around if you travel. You do have to be careful though because I have noticed that if you don't cover the velcro pieces completely then it can attach to the baby's clothes, blankets or bedding...which can tear it up. This has happened to me a couple of times and I wasn't too pleased considering baby stuff is expensive. This product overall is meh, good as a hand me down, as for purchasing it, maybe. 

Pearland, TX


Great...if your child will use it.


The Munchkin Cool Flow Back Sleeper is a wonderful product...if you can get your kid to use it. Here's the thing: the Cool Flow Back Sleeper is a perfect "on paper", "in theory" type of idea.  If your baby keeps waking him or herself up in the night by rolling all over their crib, the Cool Flow Back Sleeper should keep him or her in place, right?  Well, mabye. Here's how it works.  Two triangular prisms are connected by a piece of cloth, creating a space for the baby to lay in but preventing (in theory) them from rolling to either side.  The triangular prisms have mesh holes in them to allow for air flow so that the baby doesn't get overheated from laying up against them.  The problem that comes into play is that every kid is different and has different sleeping habits.  The person who recommended the Cool Flow Back Sleeper to me had great success with it for both of his children.  My daughter?  She hated it and it was worse than not having it in there at all. Should you get the Cool Flow Back Sleeper?  The answer is...mabye.

Tomball, TX


Munchkin Cool Flow Back Sleeper

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