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Müller Früt Up Yogurt


Müller® yogurt, brought to you by Muller Quaker Dairy, is made with reduced-fat, Grade A milk and is a good source of nutrients like calcium and protein. It has no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. Available in 18 varieties, the line includes Müller® FrütUp™, Müller® Corner® and Müller® Greek Corner®. Müller yogurt varieties contain between 140-220 calories per serving.

Müller FrütUp is a lowfat yogurt topped with a whipped layer of fruit mousse. Each creamy Müller FrütUp is perfect for scooping, swirling, or mixing.

Müller FrütUp varieties made with lowfat yogurt include:
• Mango (New)
• Orange (New)
• Luscious Lemon
• Splendid Strawberry
• Peach Passion Fruit
• Radiant Raspberry
• Blueberry Bliss

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I would buy this product again and again...thank you


This product is very helpful product....



I would buy this product


Very good in taste

North Carolina

Absolutely delicious


I tasted this in store. It was absolutely delicious. I immediately purchased the product!!!

Millville, NJ


Definately have been buying more for the family.


I love this company and brand. Their yogurt is so smooth and good and I can eat it all day long with out getting cramps like I do with other leading brands. Plus it really is a great healthy snack my family always request when I go shopping.



Great flavors


I tried the product. I ate it just the way it came. Wasn't my favorite flavor but it did taste good. I like that it's fruity and not plain. It had just enough fruit inside. I would try other flavors as well.

Lockport NY


Love it!


I am a big fan of yogurts and I am always trying new brands and flavors. I first saw this yogurt advertised on tv and I could not wait to get into the store to purchase some. I got one of each flavor they had. I was definitely not disappointed by any of the flavors. My favorite of the flavors were the orange and the lemon. I had been looking for a good orange flavored yogurt and this one was perfect. I love that it is not already mixed up because I can see exactly what I am mixing into my yogurt. It mixes really well in to the yogurt so I am getting a good amount of flavor in a each bite. Also there are small pieces of the fruit in it. I would definitely recommend this yogurt to others. It is super tasty and even healthy for your body. It is really easy to carry with you when you are on the go. My two year old daughter sits in her car seat and eats them and she usually never has a problem doing it. I love that she has a great snack that is not bad for her. The texture of the yogurt is great too. It is really smooth and creamy. It is not too watery like some of the other brands of yogurt that I have tried out. I just love this yogurt!



Favorite fruit yogurt!


Mujer fruit up Yogurt is something that I came across at a smaller grocery shop when I was trying to find a snack that would satisfy my craving for something sweet as well as be somewhat healthy for me. I ended up buying one of every flavor that day, and now everytime that I go to that particular grocery store or find it in a store I stock up on as much as I can. It isn't one of the more well known brands of yogurt especially not where I live but I can't figure out why, it's really the best tasting fruit infused yogurt that I have ever had. I use it in breakfast smoothies instead of just plain yogurt to ad a little more flavor, as well as eating it by itself or with granola. I love being able to pronounce everything on the back of the yogurt container. It makes me feel better that I am not only eating it but that it's got good enough ingredients for my little one to eat as well. The flavors are spot on and delicious without being too heavy or sweet.



Not my type of yogurt


I love yogurt and I eat a lot of it, probably almost everyday. always trying for finding new flavors and brands so it doesn't get old. So I see all these commercials about this yogurt and on the next food shopping trip I decided to pick up this yogurt. I was a little suprised at how expensive it was, but figured maybe it was good quality. After I first tried it, it actually made me have a bit of a stomach ache. I don't know if it was the texture or the flavor, but it didn't taste good in my opinion and I believe it was the pineapple flavor. I left it alone and a few days later I tried the strawberry and the yogurt still did not taste good. It was blan and the fruit was tart. Not my type of yogurt and haven't tried it since. Flavor/Taste the flavor in my opinion was blan, and more like a pudding texture. Variety To be honest there's not many to choose from and only a couple that are decent. Consistency Too thick and I know yogurt shouldn't be watery, but it shouldn't be like hard to mix around.



Muller Frut up Yogurt


Overall, I give Muller Frut up yogurt a nine. It has a variety of great flavors, few calories, and has convenient packaging I can take anywhere. This snack has been especially important in my weight-loss success and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. I eat this yogurt as a snack daily. Initially, I was eating Activia yogurt and did not see any results when it came to reducing the size of my waistline so my friend suggested I try this yogurt. I gave Muller Frut Up a try and it has really helped to reduce the size of my waistline. I eat one cup daily. It has very few calories and I eat this yogurt to replace unhealthy snacks, such as potato chips. My favorite flavor is strawberry. Muller Frut up yogurt has really helped me to lose weight and maintain a healthier weight also. The reduced fat and healthy ingredients have made me a huge fan of this snack. It is very delicious. Flavor/Taste Strawberry flavor is my favorite. It is a delicious treat and healthy. Variety It has 18 varieties, which gives me a lot of options to choose from. Consistency It has a consistently great flavor. Convenience It has a convenient, easy-to-open package I can bring anywhere.



delicious fruit flavor


I'm glad that I decided to give the Muller Frut Up Yogurt a try because they taste really good. They have a delicious layer of fruit on the top that is so scruptious when you mix it into the yogurt. The fruit is very mousse like and whipped in texture, while the yogurt itself is very rich, thick, and creamy. My favorite flavor out of the Frut Ups is the lucious lemon. It has a strong and decadent lemon flavor, and it is not artificial at all. It has real lemon and orange juice concentrate, which gives it a fantastic lemon citrus flavor. Not only are the Fruit up delicious but they are also good for you because they don't have any high fructouse corn syrup or any artificial flavors/sweeteners. It has real sugar, lemon, and orange juice in it for the flavoring. The only weird thing about this yogurt is that it has tilapia as one of the ingredients. It doesn't taste fishy and tilapia is really good for your health so I don't find at all. Flavor/Taste The Muller Frut Ups have delicious, satisfying, rich, smooth fruit flavors. I like the lemon and the strawberry bana flavors the most, but all the flavors they have taste wonderful. Variety Muller Fruit Up has a variety of different flavors like strawberry banana, blueberry, lemon, strawberry, and peach. If you don't like the Muller Frut up they also have corner and Greek corner yogurts with a bunch of different flavors that the Frut Up doesn't have Consistency It has a really smooth and creamy consistency. It wasn't a runny yogurt at all, and it was easy to mix the fruit flavor into it. Convenience It's convenient to have as a snack, and the fruit flavor is easy to blend so it's also great for on the go. It's not messy or runny either.

Stroudsburg, PA


Müller Früt Up Yogurt

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