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Mucinex Cold Liquid for Kids Expectorant and Nasal Decongestant

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works good but tastes horrible


I bought this when all of my kids had a horrible cough and severe congestion. My kids were coughing until they threw up and none of them could breathe properly. It was hard for them to sleep and they were getting very cranky and sick of the medicines not working so I went to the pharmacy where someone recommended this to me. My 6 year old spit it out and gagged and then my oldest took it and said it was disgusting and said she never wanted anymore of it. I was thinking it couldn't possibly be that bad so I tasted it and I was wrong because it was way worse than I thought. It worked very well and worked fast for my oldest who ended up gagging down a couple more doses because it worked so well and she knew it. Her cold was gone about 7 days before my kids who didn't take it. In not sure if the medicine shortened her cold which could be because it cleaned her right out. The medicine definitely makes coughing more productive like it says. Its a toss up wether I would recommend it or not. On one hand it works fantastically IF you can get your kids to take it. Its expensive but works well. I think the taste of it matters just because it is for children. There is no comparable medicines that I've found, most that I've tried do nothing to help. This definitely works like it advertises.



Kids Mucinex


I did not find it tha helpful help with sinuses or post nasal drip. I was good as an expectorant and helped to bring up mucus but I found it did not help with sinus pain or congestion. The flavor was ok. Kids didn't like the taste. I found it to be only mildly useful and most likely would not purchase again since the kids would not take it and I use other remedies which I prefer more than this product.

Morristown, NJ


Works well, tastes awful


It seems like we have tried every possible cold remedy for kids in the past 13 years, but this was the first time I had bought any Mucinex product of any kind. My husband was tired of listening the kids try to sleep while coughing all night so he ran out and purchased Mucinex Cold liquid for children cherry flavor and Mucinex mini melts orange flavor. Both my son and daughter had been battling colds. My daughter was stuffy had a runny nose with occasional cough. And my son had congestion and whenever he laid down went into coughing fits. He was miserable at bed time. He would use sore throat spray, a cough drop and medicine and lay on an extra pillow so he was upright and still would be coughing. The first night he tried the mini melts and loved them. They seemed to work really well. The next night I had him try the liquid and he hated it. I don't think most people love the taste of liquid cough medicine (that's why they make it in pill form for adults) But he really did not like the cherry flavor. The medicine did work well, but you might as well purchase the mini melts they have a better taste and work the same

Ozark, MO


Mucinex Cold for kids works too good!


My 4 year old has been so sick for the past few days, it got to the point where she could barely breathe from being so congested, I gave her a teaspoonof the Mucinex cold for kids and within 20 minutes she was running around acting like nothing was wrong and her congestion was completly gone! I have never seen another childrens medicine act as well as this one has.

Antioch, TN


Mucinex Perfect For Breaking Up The Nasty Stuff


We purchased this last month due to two ofour children being sick. One  had bronchitis the other  general pneumonia. Because It wasn't cold andflu  season weneeded to purchase new meds anyway. This was given in addition to the antibiotics prescribed by their pediatrician. I have been a mom for 21 years and have had different medications for this purpose reccommended by doctors and tried  many on my own to see which works best for each child. This medicine not only impressed me with how differently it worked than other expectorants but also the childrens pediatrician. This handled the biggest issue  and did exactly what itisdesigned toand broke up  theinfection and mucus in their lungs to  allow it to loosen and eventually be coughed up and expelled. within 2 days of dosing per the  instructions they were able to begin the expelling process which helps in curing this much faster. They didn't complain abou tthe taste as they do with many medicines and I would definitely purchase this for exactly the same purpose in the future. Definitely recommend this excellent  product.  

Manchester, NH


Mucinex Cough for Kids is the best OTC remedy I have found


Mucinex Cough for Kids, is by far, the best over the counter remedy I have found for my kids. About a month ago, a nasty cold bug struck our house. My two daughters, ages 8 and 10 were coughing so bad it was keeping everyone awake. There were lots of sick kids in the area, so it was near impossible to get an appointment at their doctor. I sent my Husband to the store to get something to relieve them, since I was out of our normal cold medicine. He came back with the 4oz. bottle of Mucinex Cough for Kids, in the cherry flavor. My kids thought the taste was yucky, but I believe they were at the point, that they were sick of being sick, and would try anything if it would help. That night both of their coughs became looser, and with risk of sounding gross, more productive. The next day, more of the same. By the second night, they actually slept through most of the night. This medicine did exactly what it was supposed to do, and worked great. We will always have this on hand from now on, and will never buy the OTHER stuff again. 

Morgantown, KY




I bought the Musinex for Kids liquid because I thought it would go further in the house.  I'm not sure if it will work because I can't get my kids to take it, it taste horrible!  I ended up buying the Musinex powder packets & most will take those, but you have to take ALOT during the day for it to really work.  All in all the product works, but it is very expensive.

Laingsburg, MI


Mucinex Cold Liquid for Kids Expectorant and Nasal Decongestant

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