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Mrs. T's
Mrs. T's Potato and Cheddar Pierogies

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Mrs T's Potato & Cheddar Pierogies


I have been making Mrs T's Potato & Cheddar Pierogies for 26 years for my family. Mrs T's Potato & Cheddar Pierogies are much easier and quicker than making perogies from scratch. Pull them out of the freezer, boil them for a few minutes and then fry them in butter until golden brown. My twin girls are usually very picky eaters, but my twins would eat six each easily in one sitting. If there was ever an odd number left I would have to split it for them. These perogies never went to waste. They are even great as a late night snack, leftover from dinner. I've tried other flavors, four cheese and onion flavor but the cheese and potato have always been our favorite. Mrs T's Potato & Cheddar Pierogies are low in fat and a great side dish. You can add other seasonings and some peppers or onions or something to spice them up if you feel they are too bland but we love them just the way they are. Recently I've seen Mrs T's Potato & Cheddar Pierogies heat & serve but haven't heard any good reveiws about them. I think I'll stay with the original, they have never done me wrong.

Syracuse, NY


Pierogies are a quick meal-saver in our household!


When I don't feel like cooking, I always reach for the Mrs. T's frozen pierogies from my freezer.  It is the easiest, delicious meal in less than 10 minutes.  My kids all love them and they are one of the most versatile side dishes/main dishes around.  I am a vegetarian myself so sometimes it is difficult to find meals that the whole family will eat.  These fit the bill.  Mrs. T's is the only brand that I will buy.  They may cost a bit more than some of the store brands out there, but they are well worth the money because of the consistency of flavor and overall product.  The pierogies don't break apart before you cook them or during cooking like some other brands that I have tried.  They are packed with flavor and make a great main or side dish.  My children even like to eat them plain!  The cheddar flavor is very popular in our household, but the four-cheese is always the big winner when we make them.  Definitely a product I would recommend for lots of reasons!

Albion, PA


Our family loves these!


Our family loves these.  A quick addition to any dinner by popping them in the toaster oven.  We always sprinkler a little Season All on top to spice them up a bit.  Gives them a little kick.  The kids think it is fun to find that potato and cheese inside all warm and gooey. YUM!  I think we'll have them tonight.

Bel Air, MD


One of my favorite foods!


I love mrs. T's pierogies! So delicious any way you make them! Baked for a healthier version or sauteed in butter for a REAL treat. They are not too bland, you just have to know how to make them. Bake them and top with some low fat shredded cheese & low fat sour cream and  just a DASH of salt. It's incredible! My mother fed me these when I was a kid and I always loved them and still do! Really! A delicious wonderful product!

Chattanooga, TN


Come join us for a Pierogie


First of all what is a Pierogie? *Stuffed  dumplings of unleavened dough and varying ingredients. Their specific origins are unknown; though they have strong ties to Slavic culture, similar foods occur in many cultures across Europe and Asia.* Growing up these were nothing but a Polish dish and there is no way I would argue with the Polish women who made them back home. I haven't had a good Pieorgie in years and saw the Mrs. T's made a Pierogie (frozen) in my local store.  I thought I would give it a try and instead of boiling them(the old fashion way) I opted to bake them in my oven for more of a crispness.  I was pleasantly surprised at the home made taste of soft mashed potatoes and cheese flavor, and the varitiy of ways you can prepare them: boil, saute', bake, deep fry and even grill. (who would have thunk it). Serve them as an appetizer, snack, side dish or the main dish. The carton has four servings, 3 Pierogies each (these are large and filling). 180 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. The varieties: Potato and cheddar, potato and onion, potato and four cheeses, potato, broccoli cheddar, potato sour cream and chive, sauerkraut, and potato bacon and cheddar mini pierogies. I am seeing a wonderful casserole dish I plan to prepare that reminds me of a dish I once had from my childhood:  Prep time**:** 5 minutescooking time: 35 minutes1 pkg. Mrs. T's Pierogies (flavor of your choice) Ham cubesBroccoli florets1 (26 oz.) jar Alfredo sauceCherry tomatoes (optional)BreadcrumbsCreate a casserole by combining frozen pierogies in a 9x13" pan with pre-cooked ham cubes and broccoli florets. Stir in Alfredo sauce.For more color, add cherry tomatoes. Top with breadcrumbs, if desiredBake at 350 degrees F for 30-40 minutes until hot and bubbling. So simple and a stick to your ribs meal. This might sound like a very simple product, but it is a comfort food from where I am from, with the mashed potatoes and cheese inside of a delicate pasta.  Does it compare to home made?  Pretty darn close. I will purchase these again.  

Appleton, WI


Mrs. T's Potato and Cheddar Pierogies

4.8 5