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Mrs. Meyer's
Mrs. Meyer's Gingerbread Liquid Hand Soap

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I listed myself as a "brand buyer" on this product brand simply because I enjoy getting in on #MrsMeyers, limited, SEASONAL scents during Holiday times. I've used almost all scent varieties and the #Gingerbread AND the #Peppermint are SCENTsational. The value is on target and they manufacture good, "quality cleansing products" that have never let me down~


Gardendale Birmingham, AL


Only for the Hoildays


I really love these cleaning sets. I've bought 3 different ones so far from mrs. meyers. This one really smells of ginger bread and is really strong. It's sweet smelling in deed but over powering. It's fun for december. I recommend the rudebar smell.


Opa Locka, FL


An all time favorite


I love Mrs. Meyers products and am so saddened that I cannot find the Gingerbread scent anymore - it really is one of my favorite scents from the entire line.  It's not sweet, though it might seem like it would be - it's really more of a light ginger scent.  Needless to say, I've used it for the past couple of years around the Holiday season and it has been such a hit.  People are always asking how the house smells so lovely - and it's just the counter spray!  Mrs. Meyers products are always the best quality and I appreciate that the company does not test on animals.  Unfortunately, I recently read somewhere that they are not as "green" as you might imagine - that there are some harmful chemicals in their products.  They might not be completely green, but I'm certain they're a big step up from most cleaners.  If you are looking for a light, lovely Holiday scent for your home, be sure to try this scent!


Ashby, MA


Holiday soap


The holidays are almost here! What better way to bring in some holiday cheer than with Mrs Meyer's Gingerbread soap?  Mrs Meyer's soaps are all wonderful. Mrs. Meyer's Gingerbread Liquid Hand Soap is a  clear liquid soap that smells just like gingerbread and the holidays in general. One little pump and you can get a great lather in your hands to clean and make sure you smell great.  My kid loves to use this soap because it smells so good, and I love him using it because I know there are no harsh chemicals or dyes in any Mrs Meyer's products. This soap is great to have at home, but it also makes a great gift for the holidays. Sometimes I bring this to friends as a hostess gift and it's always greatly appreciated. Mrs Meyer's products aren't the cheapest but they are very high quality and worth the extra money. You can tell when you use these products that you're not hurting your skin with harsh chemicals and dyes.


Austin, TX


Nice products, but the smell was a bit odd~


I really enjoy it when companies come out with special holiday themed products, it makes it really nice to give or to receive as gifts. That being said, I was excited when Mrs. Meyers came out with this product, but when I used it I was not as enthused about the scent as I had thought I might be. It was a little too strange and did not smell as "natural" as I have come to expect from Mrs. Meyers products. It still had all the nice attributes of Mrs. Meyers products, such as being eco-friendly and derived from natural, plant-based products, but the smell was just not as pleasing to me as I had hoped from a holiday gingerbread scent. I would still recommend it to other people who like gingerbread scents however, since it was not hugely overpowering and they may enjoy it more than I did! Plus, there was a cute packaging and it was still a nice product to use during the holiday season, even if not my favorite smell.


Boulder, CO




I got this hand soap with a Mrs. Meyer's kit I purchased about 2 months ago. I love the smell of ginger and this hand soap is delicious! Mrs. Meyer's products are gentle on the environment, the bottles are recylclable, and the products are concentrated. This hand soap is gentle on my skin, leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and gingery, and doesn't strip my skin. It also leaves a gentle trace of slightly sweet and spicy ginger scent on my skin.My only complaint is that I can only get it around Christmas and just after. I would love to have access to this year around. It would also make a nice little hostess gift for friends and family.


Aurora, CO




I love this product. I called customer service and was told if enough people request it, the company will consider selling it separately not just in the duo with the lotion! I told them I could buy it buy the gallon! They will consider all requests for next year's sales.   Call them!


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Mrs. Meyer's Gingerbread Liquid Hand Soap

4.6 7