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Toilet Cleaner
Mrs. Meyer's
Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Favorite smelling toilet bowl cleaner


I love the geranium scent from Mrs. Meyer's it is delicate and floral but not overpowering or off putting. This have somehow carried through to their toilet bowl cleaner an excellent smell and refreshingly clean. I think the cleaner is quite effective and if there is a little more dirt then usual in the bowl I just put it in and leave the cleaner in the toilet for about 5-10 minutes and come back to clean it. I am happy with the brand as they consistently have excellent products, great scents and are environmentally helpful and partake in charity work.


New York, NY


Works Great, Smells Heavenly!


I started using "green" non-toxic cleaners when my now 12 year old daughter was an infant, because I was worried about carcinogens and chemical fumes. I've tried several different brands over the years, but Mrs. Meyers is hands down my favorite. It cleans just as effectively as a bleach based toilet cleaner, and smells absolutely divine. I noticed that a few commenters found the geranium scent to be a bit overpowering but I personally think the scent is gorgeous. It has a powdery, floral aroma that's reminiscent roses (and I mean real, fresh cut flowers from a garden, not the nasty fake floral scent that comes out of a can of air freshener.) I think even people that aren't big fans of floral fragrances would still find the scent much more appealing than the pungent smell of bleach. I give it a squirt around the inside of the bowl, and let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes while I get on with the rest of my bathroom cleaning chores , then give a quick swirl with the toilet brush and flush. It leaves my bowl sparkling clean and completely free of stains and stale, old bathroom odors. Performance I find it very effective in keeping my toilet bowl free of stains, but that's because I use it a couple of times a week. In my area, we have very hard water and I noticed that the first time I used it it didn't quite remove the ring of limescale that had accumulated over the years. If you have limescale problems like I did, I recommend giving the bowl a scrub with some powdered borax first, to break it down. After doing that, and continuing to use the Mrs. Meyers regularly, I've never had that nasty, scaly toilet bowl ring return,




Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


For the past 10 years I have tried to clean my home with products that are made from natural sources. With small grandchildren and pets around, I prefer not to have toxic chemicals sitting around my home. Mrs. Meyer's makes a wide variety of household cleaners, and the Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a good choice, IF you like floral scented cleaners. I wasn't sure what geranium would smell like, but this one has too much of a rose scent for my liking, and it is strong and makes the bathroom floral scented for a long time. The bottle contains 32 ounces of a blue colored liquid, and I would prefer the neck of the bottle be angled so that the cleaner can be squirted under the rim of the toilet bowl. It clings to the bowl and once you let it sit for a while you can then clean your toilet bowl. The cleaner does a good job of making a toilet bowl sparkling white again. The ingredients listed on the bottle are: water, lactic acid, citric acid, alcohol ethoxylate, Geranium oil, Rose flower oil, Clove flower Oil, fragrance, and Xanthan Gum. I love how the ingredients use natural scents rather than chemical fragrances, and as well as this product cleans and meets my "all natural" criteria, the scent isn't one I would purchase again. Performance Clings to the bowl and makes it sparkling white. Even removes hard water stains. Scent Has too strong of a rose scent and not enough geranium


Eagle River, AK


Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Toilet Cleaner - better than most!


I bought Mrs.Meyer's Geranium Toilet Cleaner because my usual Eco-friendly toilet cleaner was not available. If you like floral scents - and strong ones at that, you will love this product. I wasn't sure what "Geranium" would smell like, and it is okay - it is just super strong and takes you aback the first time you use it. It is however very effective at its job and gets the bowl sparkling clean without all the usual nasty chemicals. Scent Strong floral, a little unusual.


Trenton, MO


Geranium Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a great cleaner - nice smell!


I have recently started using natural cleaning products since I am pregnant and do not want to expose myself to unneccessary fumes and chemicals. I decided to try the Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Toilet Bowl Cleaner and I love it. It gets the toilet just as clean as the toxic cleaners I was using before AND it smells much better while cleaning! It has a nice, fresh clean smell. I didn't feel it was too overpowering like a previous reviewer. The one con I had with the product is the color of it: On the back of the bottle it said that it is blue so you can see where it is squirted, but mine comes out clear! So it is hard to see where you have squirted the cleaner, but I just did it twice around the toilet bowl and figured I had hit it all that way.


Waukesha, WI


Very effective cleaner, but the smell can be overpowering


Of all of the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products I have tried out, the geranium scent is the one scent that I find hard to bear. The toilet bowl cleaner is no exception to this geranium rule! The cleaner is very easy to use as with most toilet bowl cleaners- just squirt it around the underside of your toilet bowl, let it sit, then scrub and flush. The pros of this cleaner are that it is very effective in getting the toilet bowl clean as well as being easy to use, but the con is definitely that the geranium scent is overpowering. After sitting for 15 minutes in my toilet bowl waiting to be scrubbed, I almost can't stand to walk back into the bathroom because of the smell. Once I run out of the geranium cleaner (and it has been a while- this stuff really lasts!) I will definitely get the Mrs. Meyers cleaner again, but I will go for a less overpowering scent the next time around. Unless you really enjoy floral scents, skip the geranium and try the lavendar.


Boulder, CO


Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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