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Mrs. Fields
Mrs. Fields - Caramel Chocolates

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Don't waste calories on this


I was given a 6 oz. box of Mrs. Field's assorted chocolates for Christmas and I had to throw all of them in the garbage. I took a bite of each one to be certain they weren't all bad, but I was wrong. These candies were the worst I'd ever had. The fillings were sickening sweet and the chocolate waxy. Mrs. Field's better stick to cookies if she wants to stay in business.


Tallahassee, FL


Yuck! Amazingly bad!


My dear mother gave me a box of Mrs. Field's Assorted Chocolates for Christmas. Oh, my gosh, they are awful! Honestly, I can't find one of them that tastes good! (And I love chocolates!) Mrs. Fields built a reputation for yummy, buttery cookies...but these chocolates taste like they were made of wax. Nasty, nasty! Don't waste your money!


Penn Valley, CA


Waxy, chewy and unpleasant.


My sister gave me a box of Mrs. Fields Caramel Chocolates because she knows I love anything with caramel in it.  I was excited to dive into a new box of candy that I hadn't tried before.  I've rarely met a chocolate that I didn't like. Until now. Mrs. Fields contains nine pieces of assorted chocolates in a 5.75 ounce box.  About half are dark chocolate and half are milk chocolate.  Some contain nuts, some do not.  Each serving is "about two pieces" at 150 calories.  Someone is only going to get a half a serving with that 9th piece. On the back of the box, Mrs. Fields says:  "We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this product or we will gladly replace it." Mine's in the garbage.  I'm not going to even try to bite another one.


Chicagoland, IL


Mrs. Fields - Caramel Chocolates

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