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All Natural, Honey, Whole Wheat
Mr. Wheat
Mr. Wheat - Crispy Wheat Honey Mult--Grain Crisps

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I can't believe how good this taste.


This Wheat crisp resembles a rice cake, but it is about one half the size of a rice cake. This taste is flavored lightly with honey, but my kids like to add peanut butter and jelly to theirs. It makes a light calorie snack for after school. Instead of 250-300 calories, they are getting 150-200:) Delicious:)



Mr Wheat Crispy Wheat Honey tastes like soap


**MR. WHEAT 'HONEY' CRISPY WHEAT MULTI GRAIN POPPING SNACK **is supposed to be a healthy crunchy snack, like a rice cake, but Mr. Wheat is made from whole grains. I bought the Honey flavor and was excited to have a new healthy snack to try out in addition to my rice cake snacks. Until I got it home from the store and opened the package. My daughter-in-law and I each took one of the wheat cakes out and started to eat one. We both spit it out immediately. It was the most awful tasting thing I had put in my mouth in a very long time. **MR. WHEAT 'HONEY' CRISPY WHEAT MULTI GRAIN POPPING SNACK **tasted like fabric softener smells. I was disgusted as was my D-I-L. She said the same thing, that it tasted just like fabric softener smells. The nutritional facts say these cakes are 16 calories each and a serving size is 8 cakes/crisps. But, there is no way I could eat 8 of these snack crisps! I couldn't even eat one because it was like eating soap-due to the flavor. I don't know if maybe we got a bad batch or what but I am not going to waste my money on this product again to find out! I sat down and wrote a letter to the Mr. Wheat company, as soon as I rinsed that awful taste out of my mouth, letting them know how disappointed I was in**MR. WHEAT 'HONEY' CRISPY WHEAT MULTI GRAIN POPPING SNACK.** I wouldn't recommend feeding this snack cake to your dog, much less to you or your family.

El Paso, TX


Mr. Wheat - Crispy Wheat Honey Mult--Grain Crisps

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