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Mr. Longarm
Mr. Longarm Brush and Tool Holder #0650

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Works great for anything with a hole in the handle


I purchased this along with a Mr. Longarm extension pole to paint the eves and soffits on my house. The overall build and manufacture quality is better than I expected.  While the entire assembly, with the exception of the screws, is plastic, I expect this accessory to last a good, long time. The design, however, could be better...I think.  Prior to painting I had to use a scrapper to remove any peeling and loose paint.  The holder is designed somewhat like a vice.  The handle of whatever tool you're using goes between two pieces of rectangular plastic which are then tightened down with two screws.  Without a third point, any tool you use will rotate a bit around where the holder and the tool handle meet. Having said that, there is a third hole further down the holder which allows you to insert a screw to prevent that rotation I described earlier.  While my scraper didn't have a hole in the handle, my paint brush did and in just the right spot.  I believe this was excellent thinking on the part of Mr. Longarm. Overall, I would highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to paint in tall areas.  Using the Brush and Tool Holder with an extension pole was so much easier (and safer) than climbing up the ladder, painting 3 feet, climbing down the ladder, repositioning the ladder, climbing up the ladder, ad nausium.

Ogden, UT


Mr. Longarm Brush and Tool Holder #0650

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