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Mr. Heater
Mr. Heater F232025 Gas Utility/Portable

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Worth the investment


After moving from Florida I Tennessee and encountering our first ice storm my husband and I quickly realized that if the power went out we would have no way to keep warm. We read some reviews online and also saw some reviews on Mr. heater buddy products on YouTube and decided to go to our local walmart where they had them in stock. I have to say I am really impressed with the quality of this heater. It feels really solid and I like the safety features it comes with. This heater will put out some nice heat! We have been using it instead of trying to heat our whole apartment and just put it in the room we are going to be in to keep it warm. It will go through a one pound propane tank in about 4 hours on high and not much longer than that on low. I understand that it is more efficient to use and 20 pound propane tank along with the adaptor. We have not tried this. We have yet to find the adaptor in stock. Also, you would have to leave the larger tank outside and run in the adaptor. For our current purposes this would make the heater less portable, however this would be the best use under power outage circumstances. Overall we have owned this product for a couple of months and have been using it regularly and are very happy with our purchase. Performance It eats up the smaller propane tanks a little faster than I like Ease of Use Just screw in the tank and light the ignition Durability So far so good Safety Has great safety features. If you knock it over it shuts itself off



Mr. Heater F232025 Gas Utility/Portable

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