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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee Sunbeam 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

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This coffee maker is great for my needs.


I was never a big coffee drinker, but I figured that I should have one, should any company ever like a cup. Having never even made a cup of coffee before, I decided that it was a life skill that I needed, so I tried it out. This is such a simple coffee maker that even I can use it! I'll drink a cup every now and then to wake myself up before a big day at work, and it has been fulfilling my needs for about a year. I think one day that I'll pony up some money for a fancier machine, but for now, this is perfect for my two-three cups a week habit. Brew Performance Always provides a tasty cup of coffee, in very little time. Ease of Cleaning I like to just run some vinegar through the machine every now and then, but also pretty easily fits in the dish washer. Ease of Use Super simple, just add a filter, coffee, and water and push the switch! Design I've definitely seen fancier, but I am not a fancy girl. Durability I'm sure it won't hold up for years to come, but it has been working just fine for me for about a year now.


Stanton, CA


Good Coffee Maker!


I got this coffee maker over a year ago, as a wedding gift! and I really like it! Now I am not a big coffee drinker but I use it fairly often, and I love it! It is very easy to use, and clean, and it works great! I am very happy with it!




Mr. Coffee is great, but this maker isn't long lasting or safe..


I am a resident of the Pacific Northwest. Coffee is in our blood. Coffeemakers are a must in my household, and one that can last is very important. My first coffeemaker, probably near 30 years ago was a Mr. Coffee. It finally went to it's grave when it was about 8 years old. Amazing. It was a workhorse. Years have gone by and I have tried all kinds of coffeemaker brands, since. Even some very pricey ones. In fact one of the highest end brands nearly electricuted me. So last year when another coffemaker died I thought, to heck with it, why not go back to Mr. Coffee, he was a good friend all those years ago! This Mr. Coffee TF13 looked good enough. I really liked the black color and the shape fits just right under my corner cupboard. I like how easily the filter basket removes and fits. It also allows you to sneak a cup of coffee out while the brewing is on without any spillage. All appeared well. But then I noticed how hot the burner got underneath. I had to put a trivet under this maker just to keep it from getting to hot on my countertop. I was not happy about this at all. Next thing I discover, the burner plate itself is peeling from it's own heat. This is not good at all. The design is great, the coffee is wonderful, but the heating mechanisms are just too scary. Add that it doesn't have an auto shut-off, I am afraid of melting or worse, a fire hazard. Buyer beware.


Spokane, WA


Messy, and not up to the Mr Coffee brand standard


Living through Vermont winters a person finds few pleasures in life that are greater than that of a nice warm cup of coffee. The best of coffee can warm away the deepest of chills and even the worst cup will warm you from inside to out. What do you do when your coffee maker is so unreliable that you are more apt to get a messy countertop than an actual steaming cup of coffee? Not get warm for sure. No cold winter day ends well when you spend it mopping up the brown liquid that you wish with all your heart was sitting in a mug travelling nearer and nearer to your mouth... This coffee maker is just that dissapointment. You want coffee. You get a sloppy mess. Mr. Coffee is better than this. I reccommend the brand, but suggest you look for a more expensive model, as this one shows the cheapness of its price in its functuinality.


Colchester, VT


Decent coffee maker


We began a coffee club in the office, which used to consist of just a few coworkers drinking from a four cup coffee maker. Over time that expanded and we upgraded to this twelve cup unit. This coffee maker is decent and does what it needs to. The unit is sturdy and holds 12 cups of coffee. Pour water down the side, filter up top, the usual stuff. There are adjustable settings, and a timer, and everything. The coffee we make out of this thing tastes great, but of course that varies with the type of coffee you put into it. We use Starbucks french vanilla roast and it's not bad. Overall, this unit does its job like it needs to. We don't really have a need for something too fancy, so for a cup of decent brew in the morning, this gets the job done.


Long Beach, CA


Great way to start the day


If you are looking for a no frill coffee pot, then the Mr. Coffee 12-cup Switch Coffee maker is the one for you. This is as basic as they come and super simple to use. Even someone who has never in their life brewed a pot of coffee could easily figure this machine out. Put filter in, add coffee, add water, turn on, and voila, you are done! There is no timer, clock or buttons to figure out. Just plain and simple coffee pot design. The 12 cup capacity is great for when guests are over and you need more than just for one or two people. You can easily control the flavor of the coffee based on your water:coffee ratio. Eventhough, the Mr. Coffee 12-cup switch Coffee Maker is so simple and basic, it does have more of a modern and sleek design. This could easily fit with any household from down south country to upscale city living. This would be great for a first time college student or the elderly who hate all of the bells and whistles of modern technology.


Chesterfield, NJ


Mr. Coffee - A simple, basic morning coffee machine.


My husband makes the morning coffee at our house.  He has no patience with complicated technology or reading directions - he just wants his fmorning coffee. With this Mr. Coffee, he can measure in the coffee and pour the water in the coffee maker the night before, flip the switch when he gets up &, by the time he finishes his first cigarette, the coffee is ready.  When I get up an hour or two later, my coffee is still hot and not too strong.  We can make a pot for the two of us or, when company is here, a pot for 12.  The second pot can be ready in minutes so no one in the crowd has to stand around waiting.  Simple, straightforward, quick, and fits our needs to a T.   As for the esthetics, white coffee makers we've had show splatters, look unsightly, and are a nuisance to wipe down each time we use the machine.  This time we bought black and are much happier with, not only performance but appearance.  The black model looks classy on the cabinet.


Sparta, GA


No Auto-Off Coffee maker


We recently purchased the TF13 Mr. Coffee Maker.  We had lost ours in a power surge and I was desperate for a cup of REAL coffee.  It is not bad for the **price**, which  **was** very reasonable,  BUT I really wish I had been paying closer attention. The coffee is not wonderful by any means, but it tastes okay. It does have the pause and serve feature which I think they all have now, however it doesn't shut off by itself. It's been years since we had one that didn't and I never thought to check. I will replace it as soon as I can justify it . Oh, it does let you store the cord.... I personally never put a coffee maker away. It stays on the counter. So, if you don't use it frequently and just brew for the convenience of a quick pot then turn it off and put it away, this is the maker for you. But, If you live for a great cup of coffee and run off to work without thinking about turning things off ,skip this one and upgrade. You will be happier in the long run.


El Dorado, KS


Mr. Coffee Sunbeam 12-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

3.5 8