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Single-Cup Coffee Makers
Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Single-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

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Works OK, Need to Use Specific Pods


The Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Pod Single Serve coffee maker is useful but has it's own issues that I consider annoying especially for a busy mom of 2 toddlers. My husband bought this for me for Christmas in 2005. I was able to use it for about 2 weeks before learning that I was pregnant. Then it sat for about 9 months in the box until I was able to drink coffee. He also purchased several boxes of pods that were specifically for this coffee maker. For the first year of on & off use, this maker worked long as you used Home Cafe specific pods. If you used similar pods, the coffee maker leaked everywhere & created a huge mess. Pods for this maker were a little on the expensive side when we had to order them from the internet as our 2 local grocery stores didn't carry the Folgers pods specifically for the Home Cafe maker. That's what I get for living in a small town. :-) Once we moved to a more suburban location, these pods were easy to find at our local grocery stores. After a year's of use, I decided to upgrade to a newer pod maker since I wanted a more variety of coffee flavors. I stored this away in our kitchen. After about a year in storage, I took it back out to use it again & for some reason, it just started to leak from everywhere. I checked the manual & it said to clean it thoroughly with vineagar & water. I did this several times & each time the leaks got bigger. After the 6th cleaning, the bigger messes & the smell of vineagar, I decided to give up & get rid of the maker. Other than the leaking issues, this single serve coffee maker worked as long as it is cleaned regularly & you use the product specific pods. Otherwise you are asking for trouble.

York, PA


Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Single-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

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