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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine

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My husband got me this machine a couple of years ago as a holiday gift.  I'm embarassed to admit that the machine was really an afterthought - he needed something to go with the adorable stackable espresso cups that he had found and wanted to give me as a stocking stuffer.  I've always been a big consumer of espresso drinks from a certain national coffee chain, so I think he was also trying to push me in the direction of making more of my drinks at home.  I thought I would prefer a nice fancy espresso machine, but truthfully this one has been fine.  I don't think the drink is as strong as it might be with a better machine, and I have to do the loading of the espresso and pressing by hand, but other than that, I don't really have any complaints.  It's easy to clean, makes a fine latte in the morning, and there's nothing aggregious about its appearance.  Would I love to have a super high end machine with all the bells and whistles?  Sure!  But for the money, this one's fine.

Wake Forest, NC


Save yourself a lot of money with this Mr. Coffee espresso maker


As a latte everyday graduate student, my coffee budget was getting bigger than my food budget, my clothing budget, and my laundry money budget. Thankfully, I wised up and purchased this espresso maker last summer. Although it took some time to perfect my latte making skills (it's probably easier with a fancier machine), I've gotten to the point where I enjoy my own lattes better than the ones at starbucks (using starbucks beans, of course!) This machine makes up to four ounces of espresso at one time, and has a milk frothing tool for making lattes and cappucinos. I'm sure that other espresso machines are easier to use and make more espresso at one time. However, for someone, like me, who is working with a limited budget, this is the perfect solution. I know enjoy my latte every day without guilt. I also know that I'm helping the environment by making my own latte and putting it in my own, reusable, coffee cup-- on option not provided when you get a latte "to go" at most coffee shops.

Boston, MA


Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine

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