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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee Combination Steam Espresso and 10-Cup Coffeemaker


Ideal for entertaining or everyday use, this convenient two-in-one appliance can brew up to 10-cup of coffee or up to 4-cup of espresso at the same time. The espresso/coffee machine's removable cone filter basket provides easy filling and cleaning. And frothing or steaming milk for cappuccino and lattes is quick and easy with the variable steam control and swivel steam valve. Other useful features include a lighted "on/off" switch, a pressure safety valve, and a pause-n-serve function for pouring a cup mid-brew. The unit's dishwasher-safe glass carafe and removable drip tray make cleanup a snap.

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A lot a bother for a little expresso and lattes . It is a good machine but I gave it away Too much trouble to make it and clean up. But I am not an every day addict. I like my 2 cups of coffee a day to be stellar but only used this machine to impress company. Took to much time away from my company. Just easier to go down the street to Publics. Brew Performance The expresso was very good.and strong. It works well so i quess you get what you pay for. If you want expresso it takes time more that just regular coffee. YFor entertaining it is impressive but time consuming as well Design The desing is good for the purpose of making expresso With the coffee maker it seens to take up a lot of counterspace Durability I broke the carafe and it took me along time to find anouther one. when I did it was not cost effective to buy.

Jupiter, FL


Complicated (but maybe I'm just not espresso-smart lol)


We got this espresso/coffeemaker as a wedding present and we were thrilled! But every time I have ever tried to use it, it has not worked right for me. I cannot get the grinds to brew properly. I cannot get it to froth. All of the parts always seem to get clogged up. Maybe I am using the wrong kind of coffee grounds. Or maybe I am just espresso-illiterate. I do not know. But this machine has not worked out for us. It looks like such a great idea, but it has not worked out for us. If we used it just to brew a small pot of coffee, I think we would get some use out of it. But as far as the espresso side goes, we have not gotten any use from it. I hope I am the only one with these complications!

Asheboro, NC


Review of OLDER version...not pictured


We got our machine as a wedding gift and we loved the heck out of it. We used the coffee side on week days and we made espresso on Saturday morning for a special treat. I loved the removable water reservoir which am it easy to clean. All around a great little machine...until it just quit making coffee one terrible morning and we had to throw it away. Brew Performance Limited number of granules in the pot and made good strong coffee. The espresso side made great coffee also. Ease of Cleaning Removable parts were easy to clean. But the milk steamer was a PAIN to clean. The nozzle was always getting clogged even after we removed the rubber part and scoured it with steel wool. Ease of Use Not too bad at all. Design Erferring to the above issue with cleaning the mi steamer, I think it was due to poor design. Plus, there is no way of knowing how much water you put into the espresso reservoir, so if you ran out, you risk getting burned by the steam when you try to open the valve to add more water. Durability A coffee pot should last more than two or three years. W had no idea there was anything wrong with it until one morning we tried to make the usual cup of coffee like we had the previous morning and it just wouldn't brew. We had to replace it.

Oklahoma City, OK


Mr. Coffee Combination Steam Espresso and 10-Cup Coffeemaker

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