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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee AD4-2 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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good size and plentiful


Enjoy using this coffee maker 1 a week on the weekends for me and my husband. Just the correct size for us. Brew Performance brews exceedingly well. Ease of Cleaning very easy to clean. Ease of Use easy to use and it is enjoyable. Design Love the design. Not to big or to small. Durability very durable and easy to clean and handle.


Bettendorf, IA


Saves Space


I've had no problems with this coffee maker and like the small footprint since I don't have a lot of counterspace. Brew Performance The brew time is super fast and tastes as good as the coffee you use in it. Ease of Cleaning I find that the only place hard to clean is where the filter door swings out. Otherwise, I've had no problems with coffee staining the outside of the appliance. Ease of Use No surprises here. If you've used one coffee pot you'll know how to work this one. Design I like the design, however it does take the smaller filters which can be hard to find. I also wish it had an auto-shutoff. Durability I've had this coffee pot for over a year and had no problems. I've forgotten it was on and left it overnight but no problems with the glass shattering and the burnt coffee was easily washed out. The hot plate keeps the coffee hot but doesn't seem to be overpowered. This keeps the coffee tasty longer.




Mr. Coffee 4-cup is great!


I love this little thing! It's easy to use and does its job well. My husband doesn't like the same coffee as I do so I just make my own stuff in this pot and go! It usually takes ten minutes top to brew and is as easy as filling with water and adding a filter and coffee. The only compliant I have is its hard to clean out the water area, and it can get brown and gross. It takes a little bit of effort but it worth it to have fresh tasting coffee!




Inexpensive, easy to use, less easy to clean


This is a simple, inexpensive drip coffee maker that uses paper filters and coffee grounds. As such, cleanup is somewhat involved. The user needs to dispose of the filter and grounds, remove the basket (takes a little effort) and wash it, and wipe down the machine where the water vapor has been collecting. (You could shortcut this by just removing the filter and grounds, but the next cup of coffee would be suspect.) Then of course, the basket needs to be air-dried and replaced. One nice feature is that the coffee maker can be used to keep the pot of coffee hot after brewing. That feature aside, I would rather just drink instant coffee (as stirring crystals into water takes a lot less effort).


Sunnyvale, CA


Mr. Coffee AD4-2 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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