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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Perfect Simple Coffee Maker for one Person


I received this as a gift from my dad when I moved away to college, and at the time, I didn't really know much about coffee makers. I liked that it was simple and it was the perfect amount of cups. An inexpensive product, I love that it doesn't have any frills. When I simply want coffee and nothing more, this provides exactly what I need. Brew Performance I think this brews very well. Over the years, I've started noticing coffee grounds make their way into my actual coffee, but I think it could be due to its age, or my carelessness when I pour in the grounds. Ease of Cleaning I love how simple this is to clean. I run some vinegar through it, then some soap and water, and it's clean. It's truly a no-hassle cleaning. Ease of Use There are very few options on there, so to brew, you simply hit "on". There is nothing fancy or complicated about it. Design The design is fine. It isn't bulky or odd by any means. Durability This coffee maker has held up through many moves and late night brews. I'd call it a very durable coffee maker.



Extreme plastic taste!


I have always been a fan of Mr. Coffee coffeemakers, finding them the best on the market for the price. We go through a coffeemaker about every two years. When it came time to replace our latest coffeemaker, I purchased this 4-cup programmable, the perfect size for my husband and I. As always, I run a couple of pots of water thrugh a new coffeemaker before use. The first pot of coffee tasted like plastic, which I found very odd. So, I dumped that pot and ran a potful of vinegar and two more pots of water through the machine. The next day I made another pot of coffee, and yet again it tasted like plastic. So, I returned it for an even exchange, thinking it may just be a fluke with that particular machine. It was not. I had the exact same experience with the brand new replacement coffeemaker. So, I returned that one too and just bought a cheap generic model. No plastic taste. So, while I used to like the Mr. Coffee coffeemaker, it will be a while before I try them again.

Albuquerque, NM


Makes me drink too much coffee :)


First off, I consume way too much coffee. That said, this small coffee-maker has lasted me four years. I got it when I went off to college and I just recently graduated. It still runs great. Knowing these don't cost much, that's great quality to last this long. I am the only one in my house who drinks coffee, but I can drink the whole pot myself, at least in this coffee maker. I own other Mr. Coffee products and they all work fantasticly. My father on the other hand goes through about one coffee maker per year, regardless of name brand. So to me, this name brand is the best you can purchase for the price and quality you receive. It lasting this long has been a shock to me and makes me wonder what the heck my dad does to break his so quickly because mine is so sturdy. Plus, I love that it shuts itself off because I tend to forget. By the time I remember, it has long been off and saved itself some power.

Indianapolis, IN


great if you're the only coffee drinker in your house!


I love waking up to my morning coffee, but since I am the only coffee-drinker in my house I can't justify owning a big, expensive, fancy coffee maker.  This Mr. Coffee machine was a great solution.  I can program it the night before if I want to but I often don't because it brews it up fairly quickly.  It is small enough that I can tuck it under the counter after I've made my cup of morning coffee but makes enough for me to choose between having 1 big cup or 2 in the same 4-cup pot.  It was not too pricey and still makes good coffee.  I have had it for 4-5 years now and it still works great.  I do have to remember to buy the smaller sized filters (4-6 cup size) because while the regular sized ones can work in a pinch, they often cave in causing coffee grounds to get into your cup of coffee - Ew!  It is easy to clean and durable - the glass pot has slipped out of my hands a few times into the sink but it has held up well.  The only con would be for anyone who is making coffee for more than one person - You would probably need to make 2 pots or more.  

Columbus, OH


Mr. Coffee user for many years


I have owned a Mr. Coffee maker for many years. I've tried other brands, but they didn't preform as well. When I was married I used a 12-cup Mr. Coffee. Now that I'm alone I only need a small coffee maker.

Federal Way, WA


Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

4.2 5