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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel


Design with pleasure, delight and enjoyment in mind. For more than close to 40 years, Mr. Coffee coffeemakers have been found in more kitchens in America than any other brand. The Next Generation Mr. Coffee EJX, VMX, and LMX Series coffeemakers are not exceptions when it comes to style and design as they complement any décor - in the kitchen and everywhere consumers want to create their own personal coffee experience. For those who recognize that good things start with coffee at home, Mr. Coffee is the brand that leads the way in transforming your favorite coffee bean into your favorite cup of coffee.

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Worked well at first but doesn't last


I have owned this coffee maker for approximately 6 years. It is used daily so it has had a LOT of use. The first few years that I owned it it worked just fine although the clock likes to reset itself sporadically. However, in the last year the coffee maker has been malfunctioning. The biggest thing is that it randomly leaks water all over the counter top. I have done everything I can to pinpoint why it's leaking but there seems to be no clog that I can find and no reason for the leaking. It routinely leaves grounds in the coffee and it also will only brew about 9 cups worth of coffee despite my filling it up to 12. I do enjoy the programmable feature, it is extremely nice to wake up to the smell of coffee but it doesn't do me much good when the coffee is undrinkable due to grounds or when I have to brew a new pot because half my water leaked out. I use a gold coffee filter if that makes a difference, I can't imagine why this would hurt the functionality of the coffee maker though as I have used them before in other coffee pots and they've always been problem free.



A delightful way to start your morning!


I have had many coffee makers over the years and definitely prefer Mr. Coffee! This is not the first and will not be the last Mr. Coffee pot I buy. Like my other coffee pots they come with large carafes so even if you don't need a full pot for yourself on a daily basis you are ready when company comes over and can make sure everyone is happy sipping on some warm java! This 12-cup is programmable and allows you to set it up the night before and have it automatically start brewing so its ready when you wake up to the beautiful aroma of fresh coffee. You can adjust the heat of the warming tray and the strength of the coffee to your personal tastes. Use coarse or fine grinds. There is a self-cleaning function you can sue to clean the water reservoir, fill it with Mr. Coffee cleaning solution or simple white vinegar. The internal pieces, carafe, and lid are all easily removable to wash and dishwasher safe. You can purchase a permanent basket for the grounds so you're not throwing money away everyday when you refill the grounds, just rinse it out in the sink. It is also dishwasher safe so you can clean it more thoroughly when needed. Mr. Coffee also makes a water filter that sits on top of the basket to keep your coffee as tasty as possible. I 100% recommend this or one of the many available Mr. Coffee coffee pots for your morning cup of joe!

Philadelphia, PA


A great product with some nice features.


My review should probably be taken with a grain of salt, as this is the first (non-espresso) coffeemaker that I've ever owned! I inherited this product from a neighbor who was moving and looking to get rid of some things, and put it in our lab for my fellow students to use. This machine has proven to be great for a lab, as it's relatively simple to use. I really appreciate the various features it has - while I haven't used the timer yet, the temperature control and the brew strength option are really great options to make coffee that suits everyone's individual tastes. I also like that the product has a water container that tells you how much water you've poured into it, although my experience reflects some other users - the amount you pour in often doesn't match the amount you get out. (This is addressed in the product's manual, however, and seems to be a natural occurrence due to the brewing process.)  

Berkeley, CA


Quality Control forgot to validate measurements


I have used this coffee maker now for two years.  I purchased it because I thought it was attractive and the black color would match my other small appliances.  I also purchased it because it was relatively inexpensive.  I soon figured out why it is inexpensive.  Quality control must have not validated that the number of cups of water that you put in to this coffee maker does not equal the number of cups of coffee that come out of this coffee maker.  The coffee maker has water measurements on each side of it.  I liked this feature because I can watch the water level while I'm pouring filtered water in to it.  However, when the coffee is done brewing, the number of cups as measured on the pot, does not equal the number of cups of water that you poured.  Another complaint that I have about this coffee maker is that sometimes the water spurts out over the coffee filter, bending it over and causing a clog in the part that releases coffee in to the pot.  When this happens, I am left with a big mess of coffee grinds all over.  I don't think I will sacrifice form over function again as I have been disappointed in the quality of this coffee maker.

Draper, UT


Mr. Coffee ISX43CP, a great product!


I am a creature of habit, and my mornings must start with a cup of fresh brewed coffee. And without a good coffee maker, that is not possible. That's way a trust my habit to Mr. Coffee's ISX43CP. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received! It is reliable, easy to clean, and I just have to set it the night before, program it, and let Mr. Coffee do the rest. That's all I need to have a great start of my day. I have had this machine for about a year, and it has worked like a charm. My wife loves it too, and it's so easy to use, that even my daughter knows how to use it when I ask her to brew some for me. I truly and honestly recommend this machine. Its shape it's modern and it's also easy to operate. We have even taken it to some our camping trips. I have connected to it to my trailer's  plug, and that has allowed me to enjoy my coffee at a trailer park without any problems. I never had this brand of coffee maker before, but from now on, I am sure that the next coffee maker I buy will be Mr. Coffee.

El Centro, CA


Mr Coffee isx42cp trouble brewing coffee


Mr Coffee Isx42cp-1  we hit start and it doesn't or it turns off after it brews 2 cups. sometimes we can get it to work by changing from regular strength to strong or back. no directions with the Mr Coffee when purchased and no help from Mr Coffee.  

Spokane, WA


Gets the coffee done


My husband and I received this coffee pot for our wedding as a present. It has lasted us for five years so I will say it is durable. But it is just okay in my opinion. What I really like about it is that you can program it to automatically start brewing your coffee before you even get up in the morning. That is nice, when we remember to put the coffee in the night before. It also makes up to twelve cups of coffee so there is always plenty. A con is that the filters do seem to wear out fast, so you do need to buy replacement filters often. Also, the bottom does seem to burn easily so you need to have a scour pad handy so you can scrub it often. It is also a pain to clean, you will need to get a toothbrush to scrub it out. The lid to the pot does not stay on super well either, ours broke off during the first monthy. My mom also has the same pot and hers did the same thing. But like I said, it has lasted us for five years so it is durable and it gets the job done.

Pickerington, OH


Okay for the price


Okay coffee maker for the price.  We received this coffee maker as a gift last Christmas and use it at least 3-4 times a week and find that it works okay but could use some improvements. First off, I love the outside design of this coffee maker. It has the black and chrome finish that gives it a nice edge over the either black or white plain coffee makers. Second, it is programmable which is great since my husband has to get up super early and doesn't want to fool with making the coffee.  Third, it has a built in filter that helps keep the grains from getting into the coffee pot but I still use an extra filter for just in case. Now for the problems, the coffee never comes out extremely hot, it is hotter than luke warm but not a steamy hot like most coffee pots I have used in the past.  If you accidently break the coffee pot like we did it's extremely hard to find a replacement! We spent a good week looking for one and finally found 1 available at the 3rd walmart we tried. Lastly, the heater on the bottom has started to erode away from water being on it when we have cleaned the pot and placed it back. So overall this is just your average run of the mill coffee pot that for the price is okay.  

Lexington, KY


Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel

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