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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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This coffee pot is a royal pain!


I've definitely used way better coffee pots in my lifetime! I expected a lot more out of this coffee pot, but quite frankly, it was just average. Don't get me wrong, it is very easy to program, but it's lifespan is not very long at all. Brew Performance I do have to say that the brew performance on this product is very good. I was always able to make a perfect pot when I owned this coffee pot. More times than not. Mr. Coffee does a great job making their coffee pots, and the brew performance on their pots is normally exceptional. Ease of Cleaning This coffee pot was fairly easy to clean, I suppose. However, my Bunn coffee pot that i own now is much easier to maintain, and it is hassle-free. Ease of Use This coffee pot is easy to use. There are buttons on it that you can press, which allow you to choose the brew strength that you would like on your pot of coffee. Design I love the design of this product, above all things. The color of it is very appealing as well as modern. Durability This is a very durable coffee pot.




Mr. Coffee coffee maker makes good coffee for the price.


The Mr. Coffee coffee maker is great for a busy mom with kids at home. The automatic shut off feature is great since I am always running out the door. I also love the timer functions. I can set the pot up the night before and wake to fresh brewed coffee. The low price point works for us since my family tends to be hard on coffee makers. We take it with us when we travel in our RV so it takes a lot of beating. Great appliance!


Edwards, CO


Great, Cheap, Dependable Coffee Maker


I was really pleased with this coffee maker. Waking up to smell of fresh coffee is a great wait to start the day. I was happy to find the programmer was reliable unlike some programmable coffee makers I had in the past. It also has a two hour shut off to prevent the coffee from burning. Another feature I like is that fact it can make 12 cups of coffee. It's a great feature for a family, or if you're like me and need a couple cups to start off the day. It's also works as a great tea brewer, just make sure you clean it first because you might taste some leftover coffee. I also noticed that it brews coffee a little faster than other makers, so if you need a cup of joe as soon as possible this the maker for you.


Chicago, IL


Coffee maker is dependable and lasts!


I have used the Black and Decker Coffe makers for quite some time and,they are dependa bl  I likethe fact that I can program them to have my coffee made by the time I get up,which is a nice feature.I also like the fact that it can make up to 12 cups and it has an automatic shut off after 2 hours.You don't have to worry about your coffee being burned after 2 hours of being on.Another feature is having a choice of colors to match your kitchen.With a variety of colors,it easy to pick one you like and have it match your theme in the kitchen!I buy Black and Decker products because they last,and in todays economy,who can afford to go and buy appliances every 2 to 3 month because they break down?I believe in these pruducts,and ,so should you!


Pflugerville, TX


Cuisinart has very good products!


I bought this product on a whim because I needed a new coffee maker...I have been very impressed with how good the coffee is. I needed one that I could program for my family. My husband gets up in the middle of the night for work and I'm able to program it for when he gets up and he gets fresh coffee every morning...


Stroudsburg, PA


Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

3.8 5