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Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee (072179228578) 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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Mr. Coffee satisfies all my morning coffee needs perfectly!


I was so tempted to go with one of the Keurig(?) models for making one cup at a time, but this Mr. Coffee Maker caught my eye because of the brew strength control, temperature adjustment, and alarm clock. I love it - very, very happy! Brew Performance I change the filter every two months and it always holds up for that duration (daily use, mind you). The temperature control and brew strength work fantastically. Ease of Cleaning Typical. It's easy and quick enough. Until someone comes up with a coffee maker that cleans itself, I'm happy with the minimal work I need to put into this maker. Ease of Use Totally easy, and self-explannatory. The alarm setting is like any typical clock, and easy to set. There's an option for an alarm "noise" which is nice because on weekends I really don't want to hear a beeping wake up call. Control the temperature with a knob, and brew strength is adjusted with a simple switch between "strong" or "regular." Design Even though it's full size, it doesn't take up too much space because of the compact design. Looks very modern too. Durability I'm a bit of a clutz, so I'm happy with anything that stands up to my beatings.




Mr. Coffee (072179228578) 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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