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Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Magic Reach

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Love the shape


I think Mr Clean Magic Reach cleaning system is not my favorite device but I definetely see the value in it. It is quite versatile, allowing me to get into corners and awkward areas that used to be more difficult to reach. The handle on the mop can adjust to be larger. That has helped me for the bathroom ceiling - believe it or not, because of it's shape and length I can reach cob webs with it. The mop offers a bit more in versatility as well. The mop head is removable and flexable which I absolutely love because it allows me to change the mop head reather than continually trying to wash the mop head out. In short I would say that it allows me to clean the floor and skip having to clean the mop head prior to the regular daily cleaning. It also came with a couple of floor scrubbing pads as well. I bought it for a really good price too I think it's a really great product but prefer floor wipes that are immediately disposable just a little bit more..




Helps the pain in your back but also can be a pain in the neck!


As I get older, I find certain things more difficult to do than they used to be -- like bending over to scrub the bathtub and reaching to clean the ceramic tiled walls that are adjacent to it.  For a while there, it seemed like the folks at Procter & Gamble had come up with the answer -- namely, **Mr. Clean Magic Reach Mop**.  In a mad moment, I bought one of these along with a couple different kinds of pads designed for cleaning floors or bathtubs and tiles.  **WHAT THIS IS:** **Mr. Clean Magic Reach Mop** is an instrument which can be used to clean either by hand or augmented by a 4-foot detachable pole which technically speaking makes it possible to clean hard-to-reach areas without hardly reaching.  The pointed curved head can be covered with cleaning pads which have been vested with cleaning solution customized for certain types of jobs (i.e. cleaning floors or scrubbing the tub). **MY VIEWPOINT:** **Mr. Clean Magic Reach Mop** is one of those products which seems like a good idea at the time.  To some extent, this worked well for me when I was scrubbing my bathroom tub and tiles but whenever I use this, it seems like I end up bending over anyway and redoing at least part of it by hand.  **Mr. Clean Magic Reach Mop** does a good job but it just can't replace what my Grandmother used to call old-fashioned "elbow grease." Performance This didn't work especially well for me, even after I went on using it for a while in the hopes of getting used to it. Scent Not much real scent, except for some associated with the cleaning agent embedded in the cleaning pads.


Oak Park, IL


Mr Clean Magic Reach is my favorite tool


I have had the Mr Clean Magic Reach for about 3 years and I love it! I used to hate cleaning our showers, but it's not such a pain anymore. The extended handle makes it so that I don't have to stand in or reach over the tub to clean. It is great for cleaning the tub and shower walls, but I do still have to use a small scrub brush to get in the corners. It has the perfect fresh scent that is not overwhelming like a lot of shower cleaners tend to be. The extendable handle is removable so you can clean with just the end section. It comes with sample pads for cleaning the bathroom counters and floors with the same tool, however I've never tried those options. I am a bargain hunter and coupon clipper, but this is one of very few products I'm willing to pay full price for. The refill pads have become hard to find, but I was able to track them down at a local grocery store. I've been buying a years worth of refills at a time out of fear of them discontinuing this awesome product.


Montgomery, IL


Mr. Clean Magic Reach is just Okay!


This is one of those products that you buy in a weak moment. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.The Mr Clean magic reach is a head on the end of a four foot pole designed to clean those hard to reach places.The head is detachable and can be used as a hand held scrubber.The end of it has a point so you can get in those hard to reach corners.The long pole is so you don't have to reach for those high places and you don't have to bend over for low areas.The pads that fit over the head have their on cleaner that is activated with water. These replacement pads are hard to find. The first time I used it I was not too pleased. I guess it is just not natural to clean from the end of a pole.It didn't get things as clean as using good old elbow grease.So I put it away and forgot I had it. About a year after buying this I was in an automobile accident and broke a vertebra in my back.Once I got to the point of thinking about cleaning house again I remembered the Mr. Clean Magic Reach. I have got to say it was a lifesaver then. I guess you can see why my review on this item would have it's pros and cons.


Rocky Mount, NC


magic reach out of reach


I saw this new product in the store. It cost me lots of money and the replacements for it are way to much money and I never see coupons for the pad. The handle is very flimsy thought it would be more sturdy and easy to handle. It did not seem to clean at all just moves the dirt from one spot to the other I really think I wasted my money on this product


Portland, OR


This product has SAVED my life!


This thing is AMAZING! I LOVE it.When I said it saved my life, I meant it! It really did!  I used to be a Bleach Queen in my bathroom. With many pets running around I would shut the door to clean, keeping them safe but me locked up with fumes.  Then I found a good promo on buying this item and did. Of course we all knw you can not mix bleach with other chemicals so when I used this there was no bleaching allowed. **How it is made:**   The Magic reach pads have a plastic-like, Mesh- like scrubber type bottom. In the pad is blue cleaner. First you wet the pad to activate the cleaner. The handle is adjustable to different heights for different cleaning areas. You can even remove the long handle and there is a handle to make the scrubber hand held.  The "head" of the Magic Read is a rubbery type that kind of bends and conforms to smooth over the flat surface of the shower and glide right into the rounded corners. It is AWESOME around the faucets.  It also has a pointed tip so if you are using it on your floors it really gets in the sharp corners too! **This product is good for:** Anyone who hates to reach around the tub and shower area trying to scrub every nook and cranny , okay so the lazy! However it is also great for those with limited mobility! Keeps you out of the shower, yet you can scrub and clean all surfaces.  **Scent as Pro and Con??:** Yes that is right, I put the scent as a pro and con because I know many can not tolerate a strong ( and sometimes any) scent... for them, it is a pro. However I like a fresh clean scent and this doesn't really seem to have much of a scent at all.   **Expense:** I can't remember the cost of the refill pads but they are not cheap. As a coupon clipper, Coupons are hardly made available for this product. It almost seems to be "A4gotn1" too in the Mr. Clean product line. Something I hope this review can change. **Handle:** If you are an overzelous scrubber, like me, the handle has a bendy feel to it. This is especially a pain when using it scrub the floor, which it isn't exactly made for but what the heck!   **Added Bonus/Tip:** When I am done the tub/shower I use the pad to scrub the floor. This helps loosen any grim I can't see prior to mopping the floor. If you have pets/long hair and you can see hair on the floor even after sweeping, this also seems to help pick that up before mopping.  


Myersville, MD


Magic Reach


I had heard quite a bit about this new innovation bathroom cleaning tool, mostly mixed reviews. Consequently, I was excited to test this thing out. The package contained several parts which needed some tool-less assembling. The package included four sample disposable cleaning pads, two for floor mopping and two for tub/shower scrubbing. Its interesting to note that these pads are not flushable down the toilet. Using the pole attachment, I went to work on three walls of the shower stall. The walls came clean as the lather did its thing. I was impressed. I especially loved the swivel property of the base. The only problem I found is that the pointy shaped base is that it did not really get deeply into the corners of the shower floor.  In my opinion the Mr.Clean MagicReach Starter Kit is a neat gift idea to new homeowners and apartment dwellers who are just getting started. The Mr, Clean MagicReach was definately fun and different but not necessarily better than what I have been using.


Groves, TX


Amazing results on my tub!


My sister gave me this product as a surprise, to help with my household chores, and I was doubtful it would be that great.  She isisted it was awesome, so I tried it.  And she was right- I can't believe how well it works on my tub.  My usual cleaner was a powder that I would scrub, let soak, rinse/scrub some more, and then sometimes repeat this process.  This works just as well, without the fumes and soaking.  When there are so many cleaning products on the market, it's easy to think every one is just another gimmik that will be average/disappointing, but this one really surprised me.  I have had some toruble finding the replacement pads, though ,which is a bummer for such an effective product.


San Antonio, TX


This product works wonders on my bathroom


The Mr. Clean Magic Reach is a terricfic product! I would reccomend it to anyone. It makes cleaning your shower, bathtub and whole bathroom alot easier and saves you lots of time and energy. It ever scrubs you ceilings. It is a wonderful product!


Dyersburg, TN


easy to use!


I really liked using this, it was super simple to use. After using it my bathroom didnt smell like overkill on bleach! It lasts a long time as well. I do however think it is a little of the expensive side, especially for refills.


Toledo, OH


Mr. Clean Magic Reach

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