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Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Extra Power Spray

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I would buy any leftover unopened boxes


It works great on fiberglass

Antrim NH 03440




This is a product that I definitely will not purchase again. I have had it in my cleaning supply closet way too long, which proves that I hate to use it. In general, I am a fan of Mr. Clean products. I can't say that this product doesn't do the job. It does clean. But the smell that goes along with that clean is unbearable. I know that bleach type products are great for cleaning. I use the Chlorox wipes all the time but the odor in this product is overwhelming. When I clean, I like a nice fresh smell left behind. This product in no way does that. Aside from the smell, the spray nozzle is annoying too. I frequently have to run the nozzle under water to get it to spray correctly. the nozzle clogs up and then just dribbles everywhere. I disliked this product so much, that I finally ended up throwing the end of the bottle away.

Brecksville, OH


Mr. Clean Extra Power Spray

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