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Moxie Jean

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Honest and Trustworthy


As I've gotten to know the ladies at Moxie Jean, I see their heart for moms and children. They have the desire to see moms be able to dress their children in high-quality, gently used children's clothes without breaking their wallets. The Kid's Pantry, in which I'm a Director, receives bags of donated children's clothing each week. We, in turn, pass on what's given to us to families in need. We work closely with social workers, schools, teen mom groups, and pregnancy centers. Just recently, we've had a school nurse contact us and say how the children come in with pride and brag about getting their clothes from The Kid's Pantry. Moxie Jean is an integral part of our success. As the recipient of their charitable donations, The Kid's Pantry can guarantee that nothing goes to waste. They speak the truth when they say they pass along to non-profit organizations what they can't sell themselves. They have the highest standards for what they sell and that's how you know you're getting the best from them. Stephanie Johanson Director-The Kid's Pantry www.thekidspantry.org



Warning, don't sell to them!


When mailing your items to sell you agree that anything they don't buy will be donated to charity. I don't mind donating to charity, so I thought ok, sounds good! I mailed in several Gymboree outfits, dresses, and a beautiful Girls Burberry coat in excellent condition! I checked all items before mailing them to make sure they would make the cut. My daughter wore the Burberry wool coat 2 times and then outgrew it before the next winter. They told me they they didn't buy it because it had stains and it was donated. Ummm, that is a lie because it didn't have stains. I seriously doubt that it was donated to charity. How do customers know if they really donate or if employees take their favorite items home...coats like this one sell on eBay used for hundreds of dollars. I made the mistake of trusting this company because they had excellent reviews. However, all is not as it appears. They hand out gift cards to people that give them positive reviews.



Good site, poor selection


I am a momma that LOVES to buy the high end boutique kids clothes that are gently used. They go through clothes so fast and I love the quality of the higher-end brands such as Mustard Pie, Matilda Jane, Oilily, Lemon Loves Lime, Burberry, and more. I often find these items on Ebay and when I heard about Moxie Jean on the Today Show I couldn't wait to go to their site. It's organized well by brand and by size, and by designer shop (so that I don't have to look at a bunch of Old Navy items I won't buy anyway). Love that. I also think the site is very beautifully laid out, the quality of the photography is high, and I like the overall feel a lot. It quickly tells me what items are new and unused as well as the retail value and their price. This is all great stuff! And, they offer FREE SHIPPING (Woot! Woot!) over $50 and under $50 for a flat fee of $5.95. This is very good value to me. My first order was 20% off and it came well packaged and fast shipping. So why rate them only a 5 out of 10? Selection. They simply don't have enough inventory to keep me coming back. I buy a lot of clothes for my kids and when I'm in a buying mode I will look at my favorite Ebay sellers almost every day. But to make a special trip to Moxie Jean for a relatively small selection of items that I can easily find on Ebay (with a bigger selection) is just a step that I'm not taking. Good site, but the low selection keeps me at arms length.

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Moxie Jean

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