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Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Fo-ti Powder

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Mt Rose Herbs fo-ti is high quality and economical


Buying herbs bulk beats the heck out of purchasing capsules.  Since you're not paying for the packaging, you save a bundle.  In addition, the fo-ti powder I purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs is organic, which I was never able to get in capsule form.  Mountain Rose Herbs products are always high quality and fresh, and their customer service is excellent.  Occasionally, they run out of an item for a while, but their prices are the best around so it is always worth waiting for it to be in stock to place an order. Fo-ti is a Chinese herb that benefits the liver and kidneys, Latin name polygonum multiflorum.  It is mostly known for encouraging hair growth and darkening hair, i.e. eliminating gray.  It really does work.  The roots of my hair are darker than the ends, and as time goes on I have less and less gray.  I love the fact that the results I see are reflective of increased inner health. There isn't a better place to buy herbs than Mountain Rose Herbs!

Denver, CO


Mountain Rose Herbs Organic Fo-ti Powder

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