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Mott's, Incorporated ReaLemon Juice

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Juice has chunks that don't dissolve


I've noticed the last several bottles with non-dissolving chunks at the bottom of the jar, and these end up as unappetizing junk in the bottom of your glass. The quality seems to have gone down a lot, and who knows what these chunks really are? They don't look like pieces of lemon, but like solidified "chunks" of something. Realemon used to dissolve and stay in suspension in the refrigerator, perhaps with one shake when the bottle was opened. But now with "chunky" bottles you have to shake hard every time you want a squirt in your glass or you just get the clear part that tastes flat and not like "real lemon." When you shake, the "chunks" come out since they don't dissolve and then they don't stay suspended in solution. Anyone else notice this? At first I thought this was normal, but the store brand stays suspended without shaking, and there are no "chunks" at the bottom of the bottle. I'm switching since Motts no longer is concerned about product quality, and "chunks" may even be bad for you.

Webster, NY


great for many things.


Mott's, incorporated ReaLemon juice is a bottle i will always keep in my refrigerator. It has many different uses. I use it to cook with, add to my tea, and make a nice pitcher of ice cold lemonade. It has the great taste of a real lemon but you don't have to go through the Hassle of squeezing lemons.



The Zestiest Of Lemon Juices!


I absolutely love to cook with ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice. They make the best lemon juice hands down. A lot of the time I use the ReaLemon juice for marinades, mixing it in with a ton of other stuff that makes marinades excellent. The Lemon juice is what does the trick though. It pulls out all the flavors and locks them into a great piece of meat. ReaLemon is so good, I use it for lemonade, too! Just a bit will do you good, add some sugar, stir and you are done! Honestly, its the best way to make lemonade. You don't have to go through all the trouble of squeezing the lemons, I don't know about you but I always have a cut on my hand ironically when I need to squeeze lemons, it's so much easier to have them in a bottle, pulp free and ready to use. I suggest you buy some! It serves so many different purposes! From lemonades to meats, I truly believe you will be satisfied with ReaLemon more than you will ever be satisfied with any other lemon juice brand.



Shocking that ReaLemon has NO Vitamin C!


ReaLemon has been around since the late 30's, and the convenience factor certainly has to be the main thing keeping this product on the shelves. The taste is a little "off" - but certainly not more so than any other product created from frozen, concentrated juice. The real disappointment of ReaLemon is that it has almost NONE of the Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) of the original fruit! Unfortunately, the vitamin is destroyed by the heating process that makes ReaLemon safe, and unlike with many other products, is isn't added back in after processing. Keep using ReaLemon for convenience, to add a lemon-like flavor to food and drink, but don't fool yourself that you are doing anything for your nutritional needs.

Atlanta, GA


The next best thing to real lemons ... !


I have come to have a great respect for this product which I use mostly as a condiment although it also can be used to make a lovely lemonade (which by virtue of being homemade contains much less sugar or corn syrup than commercially prepared lemonade.)  ReaLemon is not only a dynamite garnish for seafood but virtually any other kind of entree as well.  I even throw liberal dashes of it (and sometimes ReaLime also made by Mott's) into my diet Coke or 7-Up. This juice is an excellent way to spark up what may be the bland taste of foods which are not high in sodium.  Lemon juice is also a good source of Vitamin C, plus ZERO calories and no fat, sodium, carbs or sugars.  Although it is "100% Lemon Juice", it does seem that a few preservatives have infiltrated the mix, as is the case with most shelf-stable juices.  So nothing beats actually squeezing juice from fresh lemons but .... well, let's see a show of hands here.  **Who really wants to squeeze lemons three times a day just for a dash of flavor?**  I thought so!  Besides, the "ten quality lemons" used to produce 15 ounces of ReaLemon might actually be costlier (and entail a lot more work) than just buying a bottle of this stuff.  I am not a doctor -- nor an expert on nutrition -- but I feel instinctively that citrus fruits and juices are good for us.  I started dosing food and beverages with ReaLemon three years ago and I haven't suffered from a cold or a single case of flu since. **TASTE TIP:** ReaLemon adds a great zing to certain kinds of hot soup, especially Chicken Noodle or Clam Chowder.    

Oak Park, IL


Mott's, Incorporated ReaLemon Juice

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