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Motorola - i850cell phone Cell Phone

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I would buy this phone again.


I have had this phone for 2 years and it shows. I have dropped several times and it continues to work great. It has a lot of features that I don't use or need but for someone who wants them it is a good phone to have.


Mocksville, NC


Good phone, but not great for a texty person.


I like my phone, I was always worried about havinga flip phone (thought I would break it), but it has proven pretty durable....I have dropped it a couple of times and my son spilled coffee on it. Not the easiest for texting, doesnt have full keyboard.


Sheridan, IN


Love my phone.


I have had my motorola now for three years and I am very satisfied with it. I am not looking for a new one. Mine still looks and works like it is new. The service has been great. I have alot of features that could be used on my phone but I really just use it for communicarion. I love the color and the ease of carrying it. I have a flip phone and I really like it.The picture quality is not the best but the way I look at it is - it's a cell phone not a camera.


Danville, VA


great phone with lots of features i enjoy using on regular basis


only had phone for about 9 months but have had great service over-all. have had to replace the screen/upper portion of phone after about 4-5 months but was minor repair done at Nextel repair center. Phone has lots of great features that are useful in everyday life .... good variety of ring tones, camera, datebook, etc.  


Pikeville, NC


Excellent value for money, with a camera, very "in" phone


It is a very user friendly phone. I am not very technically minded, so I really appreciate it.  It is a Motorola i850 camera phone. It has a lot of features, I do not use them all. Has  GPS, Text messaging, Email, Screensavers, Java, Downloads, Two Way. The only thing I do not like is that I do not get good service everywhere.


Sidney, MI


Not very Durable


This is the third Motorola phone I have owned. I purchased it less than a year ago and the hinge has already started to crack the silver paint has chipped and and worn in several places. The camera is okay but you have to be up close and personal with whatever you are trying to capture. The lens is in set to a point that when it gets dusty you can not get to it to clean it off unless you use a q-tip. All in all, the Motorola i850 shows me why Nextel has changed their policy so that when you need a new phone you have to start a new contract. Since this phone and the last one have lasted just about a year apiece, Nextel knows you'll have to restart your contract every year!


Aransas Pass, TX


good ole motorola


The Motorola is a good phone no matter what type it is. Me and my husband both agree on that one. Although they also go dead fast (don't hold a charge!) We have had about 4 motorolas from prepaid to unlimited text and talk and everything I like the razor the best but that is just my opinion. I think this one is good because it is very simple and nice for people that like simple things. It is a good phone if you don't like to text and things. You can also hear very well with it too! Don't you hate those phones that you can't hear on? The picture resolution could be better it is kind of cloudy, at least it was on my phone. I would suggest if you or know anyone who is interested in one of these phones I would suggest a razor phone. The cost is very inexpensive as well which is always nice when purchasing a phone! That is really all I can say about the phone that I know of. Overall I would use it again but I do prefer other phones to this one.


Mabank, TX


Morotola i850 is the best phone ever.


This is a great phone. Great reception and battery life. My phone is over 5 years old and is still working. the only drawback is that you can't change the texting type to word, but I can live with that.


New Salem, PA


Durable phone


I have had this phone for almost two and a half years. This phone has been dropped several times and keeps on going. It also have many features that are very user friendly. The camera images are not as clear as some of the newer model phones on the screen however when you send them via email or print them out the quality gets better on it. This is definatly one of Nextels better quality phones especially for the price. It is good quality and it is not one of their cheap phones. It is a flip phone and has a good looking finish on it as well as a blue backlite key pad. It also seems to pick up and keep reception better than other nextel phones that we have had in the past. It is gps compatible as well. Has the speaker option for both the direct connect 3-way radio part and the phone part as well. Again this is a very user friendly, stroung and durable phone. I would recommed it to anyone.


Kimberly, AL


the motorola i850 is not the best phone out there by any means


I have been a member of the "Nextel network" for about 3 years now and the first two years I had the same phone.  At the end of that contract I was happy enough to renew and my husband and I both received i850 phones at a discounted price for renewing our plans.  Well I had high expectations after such a great run from my first phone.  Boy was I wrong to expect so much!  After only about 3 months of use I began to have problems with the phone.  For some reason several of my pictures that I had took just seem to disappear ocassionally when the phone looses power and is cut back on.  Also sometimes when I am receiving incoming text messages my phone makes a horrible sound and just cuts off.  The display also seems to have issues and often just looses its picture.  I have been lucky enough to have this repaired at no cost to me, but still the hassel of taking the time to go by a store that does repairs and then waiting for them to work on it is just not well worth it. 


Verbena, AL


Motorola - i850cell phone Cell Phone

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