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Motorola - Destiny Upshaw Cell Phone

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this motorola verizon phone is very durable and reliable.


I currently have a motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv from verizon wireless and I love it. Not only is the service one of the best I have ever had but the phone is very durable and reliable. The phone itself is a slider phone and you slide it open to see the keys. It has email, camera, video, web, gps, and a lot of other great features that would keep you busy for hours. Verison also offers tv if you want to watch it and also v-cast for your music needs. This phone had lasted me over a year and I have yet gotten a new one. It charges quickly and the battery lasts a while. It has a mini usb charger which is very easy to find and most bluetooths work with it. Verizon also offers a service where it saves all your contacts from your phone onto your account on-line which is free. It downloads quickly and the sound quality is wonderful. It also has a lock feature so that you won't be pushing buttons when you don't want to. This is a great phone from a wonderful company and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a new phone or a new phone company.


Pompano Beach, FL


Motorola - Destiny Upshaw Cell Phone

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